north paw vs southpaw
Conclusion: for sports it is ok to go left forward; for real life, right forward might be a better idea.

Check out my guide on finding the dominant hand. In this case, you simply have to choose what works best for you. Footwork? Thank you.

In the past year I’ve learned how to move with my left leg and left hand forward pretty well too however.

My trainer states that I am equally strong on each side. I guess you’ll have to start bodybuilding.

It sounds like you’re right-hand dominant, Bill.

BUT, I feel better jabbing with my right arm, because I used to do fencing, and in fencing it’s always my right arm/leg in front. In actuality, though…a southpaw-vs-southpaw matchup is not different from a straight orthodox fight. Also when i play ping pong i play with both my hands fairly equally. The reason is because the back hand has more room and distance to throw a harder punch whereas the front hand is for throw fast jabs to setup your bigger punches. Ultimately, I’m advocating two things: 1) Don’t stand with your strong hand in front unless you’re absolutely dedicating yourself to developing the weaker hand. Anyway, I would try figuring out if the pain comes from standing orthodox or from punching orthodox. He had me get in my stance and practice 1-2 combinations. A guide to help beginner boxers decide between standing orthodox (left foot first) or southpaw (right foot first). Should I train with my right arm/leg in front or left?

obviously this can be trained away, and I guess i’m answering myself when I type this (you said with strict training on the non-dominant hand).

I hope that I can fix the leg issue, because the footwork is very important to me.

It provides me an overview of what’s happening in there. After consulting numerous coaches who have watched my form, they all came to the same conclusion –stay orthodox because my right hand is more coordinated. However, when i first went to the gym they forced me as orthodox, my defense is horrible because I cant see shots coming and I am wondering if my accuracy is affected because my stance is affecting my vision. I really don’t get that one. If you’re not winning, you’re not doing better than them. Reflexes or hand speed? i write/shoot a rifle a kick footy right handed/footed. my footwork is good eitherway but recently i tried sparring in southpaw and my jab felt a bit weird with my right hand but the left felt decent and i found it easier to slip and roll and throw uppercuts,hooks from both sides . If I cannot break through their surface, I’ll just keep going at the same speed.

Granted speed without force is nothing to worry about (often the case with wing chun boxers), but take a third of the force necessary to break those, and apply it to the head, and you are look at a coma, easily. I wanted to have as many weapons as possible and a deadly overhand. L^ So I won’t make a big mistake no matter which stance I take? Hello, i have a bad left shoulder that every time i jab it hurts (i don’t know why,i don’t have any medical problems here) and i’m missing part of my middle knuckle due of using really bad gloves (already bought a new one) is it alright to switch stance permanently right? The answer is very simple. it does feel a bit more natural in southpaw but i know that my power is in my right hand? . Though the hands are gloved, their forearms aren’t. I’m right handed, BUT my left leg is stronger than my right. Afterwards he taught me how to play on fighter expectations.

Don’t know if you’ll see this but ill reply regardless, You need to disable their arms if they’re going for a grapple takedown. A COMPLETE fighter has two hands. However, keeping my shoulder bursitis in mind, I think it would prolong my life as a boxer if I began training as a southpaw fighter.

Fighting with an injured body is not going to be easy or fair no matter how you stand. Then you have the left-handed orthodox fighters – De La Hoya, Tyson, possibly Frazier, Kessler, Cotto. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong.

I have been training both stances almost equally but whenever i am in self defense i think i go southpaw by default. Ultimately learning how to stay balanced should give you even more power.

Eventually you will overwhelm them with enough strikes, and you will see them visibly blank as their minds shut down, and they resort to desperate, often inefficient counters to ward you off. Switching stances, strong hand here or there, the suggestion that you only throw “light jabs” with your lead hand: it’s all a bunch of martial arts bullcrap. Most, because they are relaxed, do not realize this also makes the arm loose and susceptible to being hyperextended, and even broken. but i dont want to sarcifice my skills as an orthodox fighter as i develop skills in southpaw. What else is there? Iv spoke to my instructors they advised me to maintain my natural orthodox stance and just work on perfecting my technique , iv tried switching stance to southpaw my left cross is slightly better than my right cross and with my right hand i can only throw a stiff jab without discomfort . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Especially if I miss. I experimented going orthodox (in case I ever need it in a fight) and notice my balance and power is just off.

To use your strong arm to jab would be a waste of energy.

I am right LEG dominant, so standing orthodox feels much more comfortable, however I am left HAND dominant, so my coach told me to keep my left hand back. @Ben W – sounds like right arm in back. my friend calummy firend calum thinks he can beet me in a boxing match? I would want to share this with you: As of now, my main discipline is Jeet Kune Do.

They have a very stiff left jab like myself and a wicked left hook. I once had 8, but became ill and am just now recovering much of what I had lost. Re: south paw vs south paw a southpaw fighting another southpaw can be just as awkward as it is for an orthodox fighter to box a southpaw because southpaws are a lot more used to fighting right handed fighters in the same way that right handed fighters are (hope that makes sense). I would never dare say that Williams does anything bad… he just needs to make sure he changes up his gameplan a bit more for different opponents.


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