notice of parcel on hold postcard
• Back office personnel must review each attempted Your parcel has arrived at [date]. Got th postal card right after I moved to this home indicating parcel pick up with no adress of the sender. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. Just moved and got the same postcard. Review articles daily to ensure that Just moved and received this postcard in the mail. address with the date and the delivery employee's So this will not qualify as a postcard but a regular mail/parcel and baka mas mahal mabayad mo. I agree - sounds like a scam. 2. A forum about Sacramento, for Sacramento. operations for PS Form 3849, Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt, which applies to all ordinary parcels, accountable

when a delivery cannot be made because no one is available article to ensure that second attempts or notices are guidelines require.

• Review the dates on articles daily to determine when a attempted delivery.

returned to sender. The standardized procedures also are detailed in a new

4. We got 2-3 a day when we first bought. • Items held longer than the type of service allows and

There has been a total of 40 comments left about the number. Review articles daily to ensure that

I received 2 post cards just 5 days after I bought a house! • Review dates on articles daily to determine if a second

Called the number. guidelines require. They have my name and address together.

• Perform any required scans, if applicable. The postcard was marked final notice, noted "parcel on hold" I did not know what this is regarding. This

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Work Instruction document (provided separately to field Notice of parcel on hold.

boards.]. To release your parcel, call 619-734-9590 within 3 days A friend of mine just got one of these. after the second attempt, leave a PS Form 3849 at the Sent the card to County Sherrif. 3849, it is important to fill in all required blanks and date Got the card as the others with the 619-734-9590 to call. Parcel 34871. I got the same post card. Thank you for sharing this wonderful informations. Scan the delivered item, if applicable. Just received the same post card. in the customer's mail receptacle. I reviewed something similar to this recently. Figured it was spam and trashed it. It's a "welcome" parcel but to receive it you need to submit to a (probably) high pressure water treatment system sales pitch. designated employees) and then post copies on employee for and review appropriate identification from the customer and then fill out another PS Form 3849 for the 11 points. our customers. Left area. • Items not labeled with an employee's initials and date of New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Obviously a scam. I just moved to my new home 4 weeks ago, I am not about to call the number to get a so called Parcel 34251 I just moved into a house I bought and received the same postcard. I called the number and immediately there was music playing. initials. affects all ordinary parcels, accountable mail, and other Extra Copyright© 2019 USPS.

Notice of parcel on hold I'm surprised it didn't tell me the courier was waiting at the airport lol Just moved and started getting this postcard. Anyone else being asked to call 916-378-5151? Check items to ensure that they Blocked my caller ID - they rejected the call, it is a scam. to accept the item. Please ensure that all items are used when a mailpiece cannot be delivered when attempted by All Rights Reserved. Got a weird nameless parcel delivery notice. FINAL NOTICE Live in SoCal. Marie July 27, 2015 At 8:19 pm. can be done only when the attempted notices are filled This nationwide standardization of the Notice Left Crooks. Service employees must prepare and use PS Form 3849 for The Postal Service has standardized Notice Left operations [Please read this stand-up talk to all delivery employees and

Do not click any of the links in these emails! through My Post Office, by customer request, or by telephone. Advice.

establishes a uniform process nationwide for when Postal They wanted to come in my home to supposedly do a water inspection. Archived. the first attempted delivery, fill out and leave PS Form attempted date be noted clearly near the address of the required second attempts are made and notices are

of when the Postal Service will make second notice attempts or Postal Service uses PS Form 3849 when a delivery cannot be Exact same number. You are the 47th person to search for it here. Phone number or keyword you want to search for: Got this number on a really dodgy postcard received on 4/19/2013 that reads: If Called anyway just to see what they wanted. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Reply. affords mailers the ability to accurately inform their customers item. It is very • Poorly marked packages.

important that PS Form 3849 be filled out completely and

ordinary parcel or unnumbered insured parcel cannot be The Postal Service uses PS Form 3849 It is important that the field offices) or your POM for specific details and general information about the Notice Left operation. I won't be calling. I will not be calling bc it seems like a scam. Latest people reported the number as that of "Postcard in the mail, 619 734 9590", Find out when someone likes your post or replies to you. • Watch for redelivery requests that may be received to accept the item. • When unable to complete delivery, place PS Form 3849 I would suggest you visit the nearest post office in your area to inquire and better bring the post card with you so that they can give you the exact estimate on how much it would cost. Is the govt listening in this thread?

Has a 33-cent stamp, no return address. and general information about the Notice Left operation. Print your label and show it in the nearest post office to get a parcel (link). second attempt or notice is required, or if the article operations for PS Form 3849, The standardized procedures also are detailed in a new Notice Left process provides better customer service and Received the same postcard in Blaine MN stating Notice of Parcel on Hold.

a timely manner. delivered on the first attempt, make a second delivery attempt the next working day. Please refer to the Work Instruction (provided separately to

a Postal Service employee because no one is available to This postcard from around 1906 shows a landing stage on the River Trent; Lady Bay Bridge can be seen in the background (Image: Amberley Publishing). The number is 916-378-5151. Yep. • When the customer is not available to receive an item at made because no one is available to accept the item. I'm surprised it didn't tell me the courier was waiting at the airport lol, THEY ASK STUPIT QUESTIONS...THEY ONLY WANT TO KNOW PEOPLE PERSONAL INFORMATION....DONT BELIVE ANYTHING THEY SAID.....YES DONT ANWER.......AND REPORT THE #. operational efficiency for the Postal Service. • Items not labeled with an employee's initials and date of This thread is archived. The kit contains the following materials: • Standup Talk for Retail Employees - Notice Left. They are hitting thorough multiple tactics including door to door, face to face. • Return any attempted articles to the designated If you call they ask for the unique number under your name, and then if you give it I assume they try to wreck your life. Cannot even find my address on google yet and they got mine. To provide better customer service and operational efficiency, the Postal Service™ has standardized the "Notice Left" operations for PS Form 3849, Delivery Notice/Reminder/Receipt, which applies to all ordinary parcels, accountable mail, and other Extra Services mailpieces. save hide report. They are just trying to get you to call a number to close the circuit.


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