odd squad olive and otto kissing
Kooky Clown (seasons 1–2): Kooky Clown is a villain who wants to destroy Odd Squad so that the world would be more kooky. Rival(s) Olive was an agent at Odd Squad.

Later on in the series, it is revealed that he is a. He was Ms. O's partner up until the 1980s when he and Oprah (Ms. O) failed to solve a case featuring a mysterious villain Equal Evan. Agent Ozric (Drew Haytaoglu, seasons 1–2): Ozric used to be an assistant who worked for Ms. O at Odd Squad. It was noted in an episode that she is one of the precinct's best employees. The two work together in "Odd Squad: The Movie", but barely get to know each other due to Olympia's excitement to work with her. https://oddsquad.fandom.com/wiki/Olive?oldid=55401, "Partner, whatever happens today, I just want you to know I wouldn't trade one day for - ANYTHING! Oprah has known Olive long before she's met her partner Otto; she feels sorry for Olive concerning her old partner Todd and regrets partnering the two together. Having spent the entirety of his career behind a desk, he is often excited to jump into tasks or cases.

This moment is most likely what earned Oprah's respect.

Olive will always encourage Otto when he's upset. In "O is Not For Over", Oscar trains Olive to be a "Ms. O" by helping her pick out her signature drink. Jelly Bean Joe (Dustin Redshaw, season 1). Similar to Peg + Cat and Cyberchase, other math-centered programs aired on PBS Kids, the series involves child characters using mathematical concepts (addition, multiplication, using data in graphs, etc.) Nothing will ever change that.".

The third season, dubbed Odd Squad Mobile Unit, sees a setting change from precinct 13579 to a van; in this season, four agents who worked to find and protect a powerful 44-leaf clover are assigned by the Big O (Davis) to work in the van and travel the world solving cases where local precincts can't reach or need extra help. Mr. OMs. Olive is usually calm, brisk and serious. Olive and Otto came back from solving another case of the dance-noddles and the spring-a-ding-dong they both were packing up to go home and they walked out together talked a bit till they had to part " I guess I'll see you tomorrow " olive smiles " yup I guess so we do work at the same place right? " Olive and Oscar are rarely together unless they are with Otto, except for in "Oscar of All Trades" where Otto is completely absent and Oscar tells Olive his story. The series follows the exploits of Odd Squad, an organization run entirely by children, that solves peculiar problems using math skills.

In "Disorder in the Court" when Olive and Otto are hanging out on the swing set, Otto tells Olive "We're not just partners, we're friends. Color Production Information Her agent number is 63, and she alternates between disliking and liking the band, Soundcheck. Agent Orson (Nashton Avila, Nathan Avila. Delivery Debbie (Ashley Botting): A pizzeria owner who has appeared in numerous episodes and played a key part in the series movie. Like her predecessor, she is depicted as having a quirky personality. The Burly Bears are Olive's number one favorite basketball team. Otto laughed olive giggled at the ten year old boy's joke then everything just stopt they both just stood there staring into each others eyes till Otto softly cupped her cheek left and swipt his thump on her cheek which made her blush even more then olive wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled Otto decided to make the first move since they were already in the position Otto leaned and cupped her right cheek with his other hand and kissed really KISSED HER! Olive Agent Oona (Olivia Presti, season 2): Initially Oscar's assistant, she takes up his position after his departure. Agent Orla (Alyssa Hidalgo, season 3): Orla joins the Odd Squad Mobile Unit after having spent 400 years in isolation at an ancient Odd Squad headquarters protecting the powerful 44-leaf clover. Agent Oswald (Gavin Maclver-Wright, season 3): Prior to being assigned to the Odd Squad Mobile Unit, Oswald worked as the only employee of the Odd Squad museum in New York City. Hey I decided To do something different besides phinabella my favorite couple pairing of all olive and otto so I hope you all like it. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Agent O'Donahue (Tate Yap, season 1–2): O'Donahue was Ms. O's partner after his old one, Olga went to the odd side.

Monica of Mommy Maestra Blog wrote, "Funny, clever, and sooo creative! The Shadow (Zarina Richard, season 3–): A villain named who causes oddness for the Odd Squad Mobile Unit. In the second season, he takes up, Puppetmaster (Stacey McGunnigle, season 1): A villainess who not only turns people into. When Olympia asks Olive to give her some tips on how to be more like her, Olive tells Olympia that she shouldn't be like her and she should be herself.

and tells Otto not to make the situation weird. Agent Olive (Dalila Bela, season 1): Referred to as a longtime employee of the Odd Squad, Olive began season one of the series adapting to working with and training her new partner, Otto.

She is a veteran agent and a serious worker that always focuses on the task at hand, (unless the subject turns to her favorite sports team, the Bears). They deduce the solution to the problem or how to detain the perpetrator by using basic mathematical principles that are typically the focus of the episode. Agent Ocean (Elijah Sandiford, season 2): The precinct's director of the 'Creature Room', which houses many bizarre creatures and plants which Odd Squad agents may need to know about. Read New Year's Kiss |OttoXOlive and Ms.OXOscar from the story odd shots | odd squad by bylersss (Ale ️) with 2,348 reads. Because of her separation from society-at-large and her history standing guard, she is often unfamiliar with modern inventions and has a tendency to react to situations quickly and without forethought.

Brown Olive's smile grew bigger into his lips and she tip toed up and kiss him back his there lips sync in time with each other his lips felt so soft olive didn't wanted to stop and neither did he but they were running out of air so they broke the kiss " wooaah " they both said chuckling a bit a few minutes of silence passed by "olive i-i-i " Otto struggles to find his words olive immediately looked worried " what if he doesn't feels the same way I do about him,what if that kiss just ruined our whole friendship,our partnership,everything " olive thought while Otto was still trying to find his words " ya know what just promise to forget this whole just forget about kiss just pretend it never okay " Otto sighed olive tried her best to hold back her tears " umm okay d-deal " olive said With sadness in her voice and she tried to hide it but Otto could hear it in her voice " see ya tomorrow bye " olive said then she walked away " bye " Otto said sadly olive cried her way home until she reached her room she cried until she fell asleep she could believe she actually got her first kiss by the cutest by on .the boy she liked since they met but now the kiss turns out to be the biggest mistake of her life. ", Olive has been seen to not mess up, but in ", She thought she was bad at video games, but she found out she was good at them in ", Olive has the same Rock Paper Scissors throwing pattern as, Tell Agent Otto what a great partner he is, On the actual list it reads "Compliment Otto", On the actual list, it reads "Invent a new dance", Learn to use the new Odd Squad computer program, On the actual list it merely reads "Discover Atlantis", On the actual list, it reads "Carve a self portrait", On the actual list, it merely reads "Ride a bike", Take a hot air balloon ride with a giraffe. Olive was an agent who has worked at Odd Squad for many years, the opposite of her partner Otto.

He shares Oren's penchant for laziness. Oprah tells Olive: Listen to me agent, I don't care how long it takes! Olive and Otto had been good partners and friends for a good while what will happen on a busy day of odd squad. Agent Obfusco (Jaeden J. Noel, season 1): An Odd Squad agent and cross-cultural expert who speaks in obscure riddles, a characteristic intended to teach viewers how to understand word problems.


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