oldest known myth on roblox

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The clown is one of the oldest most classic myth/legend on Roblox starting from G0Z in 2012, to YUCK0 and Z00ZY_Q, and many more. On January 5, 2020, SonicTheShoopDaWoop became the owner of the group. Be warned, some content on this wiki can be disturbing.

Current thumbnail for the Clowns of the West. On the island, there is a light-gray NPC named "Reverse Aspx" telling you to leave. Banworld

Abandoned Facility. Friends Welcome to the Roblox's Myths Wiki, also known as the RM Foundation Wiki, or Mythipedia. 3/6/2006 This page is about the group Roblox's Myths group on Roblox. All wiki staff members will be open to helping answer any questions you may have pertaining to RM, the wiki, and its contents. Chuck Lloyd (another Shadelight ROBLOX myth) watches this show on his television, as Albert (Flamingo) had found out. Friends

Since the myth has been proven wrong, it's no longer relevant, but it will still be included, as a homage to the years of speculation they gave hunters. This rank is given to people who just joined the group.

He is friends with OldKingCoal. This rank is given to people who break the rules listed in the description of the group. There was an apparent Forum thread that was created by SwAeJuDiNoli stating that Banworld is his alternative account. Terroah was brought to the Abandoned Facility after the myth hunters found out he is the only one not being Roblox's Myths Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

It's a huge waste of your time. This rank is given to the most popular clowns in the community. The Terroah Show - https://web.roblox.com/games/281669043/The-Terroah-Show?refPageId=25e5d844-30b9-4333-a7f4-b17b9317bd64, Profile - https://web.roblox.com/users/90532769/profile#!/about, Group - Not connected to any group (other than shadelight but there is no official group of that). Alias 3/21/2017

It is said that Noli had around 50 accounts, with Noli being the first, but it is not proven if they actually had around 50 accounts. To discuss topics, you can either leave a post on our group wall or preferably join our discard server for news, voting, events, and more. Technical Terminated (on Noli & SwAeJuDiNoli)Inactive (on Banworld) Rank

Passive Created in 2010, became most popular 2/22/12. After installation, click Play below to join the action! N/A Kazdam is the former owner and founder of Roblox’s Myths. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Clowns of the West."

Goldity, OldKingKoal N/A

He was first documented in November of 2009. You are about to dive into some of the darkest corners of Roblox. is a myth group that associated with various clown myths, such as G0Z, Z00ZY_Q, YUKC0, Jawfoot, T0PSI, BlLLYS, and more.

He was first documented in November of 2009. They were thought to be the oldest known myth on Roblox. It seems to be an empty baseplate, with a dark sky with Noli as the moon. One of Noli's Void cultists, SwAeJuDiNoli, has a game called The Tempest.

Welcome to the Roblox's Myths Wiki, also known as the RM Foundation Wiki, or Mythipedia.


One choose to indentify eachother. So far there have been 4 known encounters and in three of them, the victims have lost their vision. Noli is closely associated with the Void. Goodbye World is a game made by one of Noli’s supposed accounts known as Banworld. Rocket Arena was a free for all fighting arena, … Interrogations will be added slowly over time, as we interrogate at the Containment Facility. If they persisted their account would be erased. The real Noli's roblox account before the name was reset. Most notably in his physical appearance, in games he would corrupt everything he stood on, and emitted an odd aura. To discuss topics, you can either leave a post on our group wall or preferably join our discard server for news, voting, events, and more.

Hopefully this information is enough to point you in the right direction and get you on your way. Enemies Noli is one of the most well known Roblox myths as well as one of the oldest Classic Myths. Staying too long causes the temple to start crumbling. Visits Be they person, place, thing, or even a mere story, it gets documented here. Noli is commonly depicted as a male Robloxian, with completely black skin. We are RMC also known as Roblox's myth community. Noli Render User Noli had gotten the first void star and shortly after began displaying weird behavior. Concluded The islands seem to be covered in snow, with the tree's leaves resembling a pink color. For some time it was believed they would come back to hack the site.

Discovered The only thing known about him is that he likely hates people invading his space as in The Tempest the Temple is destroyed after a period of time. Those two left live in secret. RM - Myth Knowledge Assessment [ALPHA] Roblox's Myth Containment Facility. Noli was supposedly the first to wear the Void Star hat, which is why his cult is called the "Void Cult". Status Clowns of the West.

Join Date We strive to accurately and meticulously document each myth on Roblox. Noli Accounts of Noli's specific abilities will vary from cultist to cultist, however, it is clear that Noli does have powers relating to the Void. Jane Doe is a female humanoid, with the same appearance as John Doe, despite being a different gender. 0 Terroah

Behind the temple is an invisible teleporter located somewhere on the wall of the 1st brick, which leads you to several sky islands above the temple. Terroah's Current Avatar You can find the invite link within the "Social Media" tab.

Click RobloxPlayer.exe to run the Roblox installer, which just downloaded via your web browser. Documented Myth Unlike Ulifer, Terroah has never killed anyone and seems to have been a normal myth, nothing brutal and bloody. Terroah is a well known myth, due to it's connection with Shadelight and Goldity. They went offline for roughly 11 years.

The 2010s saw a rise in the number of myths on the Roblox site. https://mythcommunity.fandom.com/wiki/Clowns_of_the_West.?oldid=40380. This rank is given to popular and semi-popular clown myths in the community.

Myth John Doe and Jane Doe via Abandoned Facility It should be noted that while the account is frequently depicted with the tragedy mask, the actual Noli account never possessed this accessory. This wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia of what lies within. Information Class Game names should be accompanied with the link to the games corresponding wiki article. • No flooding of the group wall. It is mainly brown and wears leather clothing, it also has blue feathers. One Identified himself.” - SwAeJuDiNoli. While Noli is said to have possessed the first Void Star this is false, as the first Void Star was owned by blXhd after being the first to complete the Swinburne Event created by Shedletsky in August of 2007. Dysphen then regained control of the group later in the month. "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Clowns of the West. N/A Myth Community Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. • For a promotion to The Attractions rank, you must be considered a well known myth/legend in our community. At the sky, islands is a "waterfall" what teleports you to ruins.

Myths such as G0Z, Lezus, and many more showed up during this decade. Group. N/A He has two cults made after him, the "Void Cult" and "The Cole Family"; The Cole Family being the most recent, and far more popular. On 3/21/2017 the Roblox mods came forth and admitted that John Doe and Jane Doe were created as test accounts, which ended the myth of John Doe and Jane Doe. Chuck Lloyd (another Shadelight ROBLOX myth) watches this show on his television, as Albert (Flamingo) had found out. It wasn't until March of 2019 when Banworld got attention, after the account became active again. C Do not ask to be promoted. John Doe & Jane Doe Terroah's only game, called the Terroah show, apparently made for kids. If you are new to not just this wiki, but wikia in general, then I suggest you check these tutorials on the basics of editing wikis. The game needs updating, since it still in Experimental Mode, the last update having been made on 3/6/2010 and the game having been created on 2/25/2010. Rillsins’ original account was made in 2006, making them one of the first clowns and one of the first myths on roblox.

Myth Community Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Click Ok once you've successfully installed Roblox. SenseiViny. This rank is given to those who prove to be active on many occasions. If you are new to the wiki and have a lot of questions, you can typically find wiki staff in the RM Discord, just look out for their role. The game has no description and it contains a pitch black temple, a spinning cloudy sky box, a single, pitch-black NPC named "Aspx," and a spike in front of him that instantly kills you.

You can find the invite link within the "Social Media" tab.

Certain beliefs include Noli being a cultist or even a ghost of a past moderator.

Noli supposedly made an alternative account named Banworld after SwAeJuDiNoli (another alternate account) was terminated.


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