periyava miracles for job

Periyava Speech l Namma Periyava Darisanam l Sri Maha Periyava l Hara Hara Shankara - … There was only one state bus … Namaskarams. 15th August. More than anything else I am a true devotee of Mahaperiyava. You advised me not to reply to your comment. “Uungal vazhthuku enn Maramarnda nandrigal”. Shri Divekar sent the reply immediately.

jaya jaya shankara, Delighted & Extremely Happy to be enrolled as a Member to the Forum.Today is also ANUSHAM. On 108th day, all my friends and relatives who were commenting against my prayer, were able understand Mahaperiyava. Help children to get educated and spread the importance of education site to spread the value of education.

You keep getting same type of comments.

I am stunned to see the different shades that brings out the skin color etc - so real! Pray for Maha Periava more blessings in abundance to you and your family on your Birthday, and continue to give you energy and strength to share your divine experiences with others.. Belated Birthday wishes sir.. if i am not wrong, Maha Periava took Sanyasam on this date.100 years ago? I am so thrilled reading your miracles. There are no upcoming events at this time. A special session discussing scope, career prospects, job opportunities in emerging Technologies for graduates looking to make their career in fields like Data Science, IOT, Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. மாயப்பிறப்பறுக்கும் மஹா பெரியவா அடி போற்றி!

When criticism and sarcasm from social environment pulls you down, be tough and get going in life. I perform sandhya every day .

Knowing that there are more opportunities to be found will help give you strength in the face of rejection: Looking for a new job can take a toll on your confidence, especially if you encounter a lot of rejection. I offered to Lord Anjayaneyar, poorna vada mala on 108th day and I was in third place to receive my prasadams. My humble Pranams to you. With Indeed, you can search millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career. Chandramouli and you can go through that.

As you said Bhaktha request will be considered for doing pradakshinam.

Though you have clearly mentioned you will be publishing your article on Saturday every week. (I can say I was becoming Periyava video Paithiyam) . I am mentioning all the above to impress you and other devotees who have posted their comments , that Mahaperiyava “Karunasagaran”answered my prayer when I was like a vegetable in the bed and was depending on others for everything 100%. After last week i have checked every single day to see whether you have updated your article. Maha Periyava Miracles Orikkai - Duration: 11:32.


reference:, my humble apologies upfront, if i said anything wrong

The postman had done his job correctly mine being an open letter. I got both. Only a soul can understand the other soul. We all pray for you to Omnipotent Maha Periyava, for your peace of mind and well being. Forgive me if I said anything wrong. What kind of a divine enjoyment, I experienced! Thank u very much for ur kind reply… my e-mail id is, Happy birth day sir and many more returns of the day. SHIVASUBRAMANIAN, Apara Karuna Sindhu Gnanadham Shanthakumaranroopinam Shri Chandrashekhara Gurum Pranamami Mudhanvaham. “Mahaswami” and “Paramacharya” are his other well-known appellations. I gave it to the brahmin.

This is a very clear proof that, Mahaperiyava is present among us I am one of the living examples! Is is beautiful and soulful.. Mr.Balaji, Mahaperiyava started transforming me through a divine clinical approach. With kind regards,

When you are struggling to find a job it can seem like there are no opportunities out there—or at least no opportunities for you. Please note, no temple will be opened by violating Agama Sastras under any circumstances for any VIP. 15 October 2020 - Job Assistance Jobs in Miracles Unlimited - Mumbai,Pune,Delhi. New generation kids have to taste this Mahaperiyava experiences divine nectar once in their life time to think and reflect on our Mahaperiyava.To listen to more Mahaperiyava experiences, please do subscribe to Experience with Shree Mahaperiyava channel and get dissolved in his holiness.Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava spent several years in the study of the scriptures and Dharma Shastras and acquainted himself with his role as the Head of the Mutt.Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava was the head of the Mutt for eighty-seven years. with kind regards,

I suggest every one should read your link.


A bamboo basket was kept at the feet of Anchanayar. Through your reply comment, I wish to state following points to devotees, who are doubting my divine experience and about their perception that I am passing my time by replying to devotees. My GURU is not a simple saint But Jagatguru and Avatharam of Lord Parameswaran. When every alternative person was suffering from different kinds of diseases and very high temperature due to heavy rain and epidemic conditions during that period, I was the one, hale and healthy in spite of the fact that I was exposed to all potential dangers to suffer all ailments. Yes!! 2.

As you rightly said one has to have had many Janmas of Punya to get this Guru Kataksham.

Sri Maha Periyava stressed on the importance of having a Guru in one's life.

When I look back, it is really amazing that Viswaroopa Dharshan for 108 days is a divine bonanza because it is not only pradakshnam but viswaroopa dharshan and all abishekams and only handful of devotees in the temple during that small hour.


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