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“I’d say it’s time to ride the ferris wheel” and nodded. “Hey, earth to y/n.” He gently taps your knee, sitting in the chair next to you, “What’s on your mind?”. You weren’t going to lie. He backed away from you with a wink leaving you standing there trying to understand what he just said to you. I make gif hunts. You heard the click of the door, and it swung open. “Why couldn’t you just be more like Sar–”, “DON’T COMPARE ME TO SARAH!” Rafe stood from the couch, hands clenched by his sides. You had finally gotten yourself to calm down enough to check your phone to see a text from Rafe. Also, check the prompt list and send some more if requests are open!! “I’ll never stop, I adore you” he swooned, and your stomach was doing back flips. While Rafe is someone who does focus on material things, is a bit too entitled at times, and has quite the temper, you are about the polar opposite. John BPopeJJKiara Rafe was the grade above you in school, and you had a couple classes with him over the year. A few glances at each other and you two were tongue tied, laying in the sand. It didn’t feel right to leave a three year relationship the way it ended. He has a strained relationship with his father.

You are so important to me, you are such a big part of my life, that I just can’t imagine you not here”. you agree to a family dinner with the cameron’s, when ward boasts about his daughter and not your boyfriend, you finally stand up for rafe.

It’s not that you necessarily feared your boyfriend. There was screaming and cries all Hair Color

The Rafe you know was still there, but at times, the Rafe you don’t know surfaced. You ignored it again, and walked to your living room and slumped onto your couch. Warnings: Fluff, and it’s a little steamy not gonna lie, implied sexy times. “I’m so close, fuck, fuck, fuck,” you exclaim, taking your bottom lip in between your teeth, your body tensing as you become adjacent the finish line. This monster has taken over me, and I don’t know how to get rid of it,” he sobs, hunching over into you, weeping into your shoulder. The Lucky Compass “What?” Sarah asks, mouth full of pancake and her eyes wide as she stares at her sister in law. Ward’s lies were enough to convince the cops he wasn’t guilty. I didn’t need to think about it. “No need to apologize” he smirked, and you felt your heart flutter, but you decided that you needed to do some kind of flirting back this time. If he got angry and acted out of emotion, your minded always drifted to the gutter. *i don’t own any gifs, all cred goes to @samarasweaving*, warnings: mention of abuse, violent tendencies, drug abuse, anxiety, swearing (whats new), angst. You were a mess. Just a little fun fact: All of my fics are titled after songs! The two of you were going on a walk and the rain had come out of nowhere. You were in trouble, and, I was protecting you. You both thanked her, and headed to a bench. A lot of the time it would be working on homework or talking about the kook academy drama going on in your grade. You ended up falling asleep towards the end, and Sarah had to shake you awake once you landed. You loved when the two of you would lay on the roof of his house, just staring at the stars. The best thing for you is to not be with me” he sniffled, and your heart broke when you saw tears fall down his face. “So what’s going on between you and my brother” she hinted, and you almost dropped your brush. You fell asleep, the thoughts swarming your head. Every time Rafe looked over at you he felt butterflies in his stomach. As much as you wanted to leave your heart ached to see him one last time. “JJ why are you acting like this” you asked as he turned his back to you. Your heart clenches at the fact that your boyfriend would actually ask you that, “Why the fuck do I care,” you say once again, this time, as more of a whisper of disbelief to yourself. Rafe Cameron is one of the main characters and a primary antagonist in Outer Banks. Request: can you do a rafe imagine where he’s clean and he’s really struggling with the pressure that his dad is putting on him (the reason he started doing coke) and he ends up snapping at his dad and reader comforts him, Warnings: mentions of drug abuse, language, angst, fluff. Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drug use, angst, and a steamy make out, A/n: yes I know Rafe is not a good person, but he is intriguing and I love Drew so I just had to write for him, and in this, I wrote him much sweeter like they should have written him, and in this, he doesn’t kill the sheriff. “Y/N what are you doing..” Rafe says, you hear his heavy footsteps heading towards the bathroom, “No, no, no, Y/N!” he yells, grabbing your arm, trying to stop you from cleaning out the last bag. You put your hands on his shoulders and jumped down his hands finding your hips again, and you found yourself in the same position you were in before. You felt tears stream down your face as you entered your car slamming the car door. archive. Rafe grabbed your hands and spun you in a circle, your skirt twirling as you spun. You felt as if you were drowning. You had been dating Rafe since your junior year of high school when he asked you to prom. swedish, queer, reddie and mayward trash. He made it look so easy where areas you struggled making sure the weed didn’t fall out. 248 notes. Check out my sidebar and choose your favorite. “I don’t know what I did wrong with you, but your sisters turned out pretty fine.” Ward crossed his arms while Rafe tensed from where he sat on the couch in his father’s office. You tore a piece of the cotton candy off, and let it melt on your tongue. You, a pogue and Rafe

Nickname Topper and Sarah went to go dance, and Kelec went to find a girl leaving you, and Rafe together. UPDATED Babe Image Rules: Images should not contain the following: Nudity or strategically covered nudity Sheer or see-through clothing Lewd or provocative poses Sexually explicit … I work at a daycare and babysit a bunch so this request just hit different because I miss my kiddos from work :(. You ruined this. Even though you wanted to hate him for the way he was acting you found yourself still continuing to fall for him. You laughed softly and looked away from his look. 292 notes. xx. He took another piece, and this time he gestured for you to open your mouth, and he placed the piece of cotton candy in your mouth, and you blushed at the cute gesture. You set down the bottle on your nightstand, and flopped down on your bed staring at the ceiling fan as it spun. “John B,” a soft sigh made its way from your parted lips as his hand traveled further down your body causing goosebumps to appear over the exposed skin. We can even go tomorrow and pick out a ring. John B. was all you had left and now you were all by yourself. You had a smile on your face as the car blasted Adore You by Harry Styles. His body connected with yours, and you wrapped you arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. You too were pretty close, but the truth was to the outside world and your fellow classmates you didn’t exist to Rafe. The moments of shock happened when you least expected them, obviously. When you reached the house Rafe paid your driver, and you guys entered the large house.


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