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The Irish experiment lay dormant for many years until Melbourne once again began to take an interest in it. The mistake awarded Hawthorn's Gary Buckenara a 15-metre penalty which resulted in a winning goal to qualify for the Grand Final. AFL Fixture Players Teams Player Rankings Team Rankings Rising Stars AFL Draft Brownlow Medal AFL Ladder Coaches Attendances Supercoach AFL Fantasy AFL Highlights AFL Team Selections Past Players AFL Player Contracts AFL Injury List: Records However, despite high expectations Melbourne was convincingly thrashed by Hawthorn, then the dominant club of the era.

Kennelly was an almost overnight success, being nominated for the AFL Rising Star award in his first season and widely hailed by the media.

The Irish Experiment began in the mid-1980s as an informal project of the Melbourne Football Club. A high-profile talent and who after several offers accepted an invitation to train with St Kilda.

Melbourne, the trailblazer club was not translating recruitment into onfield success and was fast losing financial resources that were required to sustain international recruitment. Nov 6, 2000 8,753 75 In your bonnet! However, you can still subscribe via the Apple App Store or the Google Play. As a result, few AFL clubs recruited Gaelic footballers played at the highest level in the 1990s.

The next year he organised The Australian Football World Tour, a six-match series with games played against Irish teams in Ireland, the United Kingdom and United States of America. While Stynes captured the Melbourne reserves best and fairest that year, he also involved in an embarrassing event which cast doubts on the Irish experiment. [12] The infamous Preliminary Final incident in which he ran over the mark before the siren made him and the Irish experiment the focus of Melbourne media.
Gold Coast signs quick, athletic Irishman", "The next Conor McKenna? Joined Gold Coast for the 2017 season. There's lots of advice on the web about how to pick a team: There's also this infographic from Reddit (from December 2012) which is both useful and funny: All that is good advice but I think there's a quicker and easier way for someone like me to choose a team: using the power of brands and brand association. An AFL district player dragged a nurse into an alleyway and pinned her on her back. Join FREE and support Australia's favourite footy community. I've been in Melbourne for almost eight years now and it's about time I picked an AFL team to support. [2], The first recruit was Sean Wight. The Irish Experiment is the popular name for the interest, primarily from VFL/AFL clubs, in bringing Irish Gaelic footballers to Australia to play Australian rules football professionally. Was also linked to North Melbourne before signing a rookie contract with the Brisbane Lions.

The highest profile Gaelic footballer to sign an AFL contract is Tommy Walsh. Ron Barassi, drawing comparisons between Australian rules football and Gaelic football was of the opinion that Gaelic Footballers could provide a previously untapped pool of potential Australian Rules players. [16] McNicholl spent the 1989 season playing for Prahran, before injury forced him to miss the first half of the 1990 season, after which he recovered and made his senior debut for St Kilda. Add names (one per line) Number of Teams. So, there you have it. A much improved Jim Stynes won the Brownlow Medal in 1991, elevating him in the elite category of players for many years to come. He played three senior games[17] before returning to Ireland to complete his university studies.[18]. In 1982, Barassi (then the Melbourne VFL club coach) and his recruiting team including Melbourne's Barry Richardson travelled to Ireland, looking for young, tall, and talented players. During the 2007 AFL season several AFL clubs began sending talent scouts to Ireland. JavaScript is disabled. Most failed to meet expectations, not make VFL level, and many instead returned home to Ireland. That is, if a club had twenty partners instead of ten, each of those twenty brands would have had half as much proportional weight. The Sydney Swans followed with the recruitment of Tadhg Kennelly through its rookie list. Kevin Sheedy in particular conducted a series of his own experiments with overseas players from various sporting backgrounds, but did not include Ireland or Gaelic football. Not-so-intelligent AFL Media articles, comments & viewpoints - post 'em here. The brand I like the most from that list, by the way, is iiNet, which is a Hawthorn partner. Promoted to Brisbane's senior list for 2010. i reckon i could guess these two without hesitation. [1] The AFL's focus on Gaelic footballers is due to the similarities between the sports. [2][7] Both Wight and Stynes, still very much learning the game, played together in the club's 1987 night premiership. Go figure. 2000s Catchphrases Quiz.

Two former AFL players? This list includes any player who at minimum (regardless of whether he ever went to Australia or played actual VFL/AFL matches) meets any one of the following criteria: The following players from the Irish experiment have either played a VFL/AFL game, or are currently on an AFL list.
Like Quote Reply. The Irish Experiment is the popular name for the interest, primarily from VFL/AFL clubs, in bringing Irish Gaelic footballers to Australia to play Australian rules football professionally. 1; 2; 3; Next.

Next Last. ​Ameel Khan's personal blog. So those two pretty much cancelled each other out. In 2018 Duryea was joined in the league by Cora Staunton. This is personal website of Nadia Niaz and Ameel Zia Khan. Further advertising resulted in the recruitment of a "tall, skinny lad", Jim Stynes. Carlton followed and its experiments with Setanta and Aisake Ó hAilpín began to bear fruit and attract significant media interest in both Australia and Ireland. Despite generating media publicity, none of these experiments were ultimately successful and increasingly sections of the Australian media began to mock the idea of international recruitment. Had I wanted to do a more sophisticated analysis I could have first given 'principle', 'major', and 'premier' partner brands higher positive and negative scores and 'associate' and 'support' partners lower positive and negative scores. American here, looking for a team to cheer on. The Irish Experiment began in the mid-1980s as an informal project of the Melbourne Football Club. With access to additional resources, AFL clubs began to spend more time and effort in identifying and training athletic and talented rookies.

Melbourne's first Irish recruit. What followed was the beginning of regular interaction between the two codes which was to become the hybrid code of International Rules Football. Decided to return to Ireland after injuries hindered his attempt to adapt to the new code. Bee Norm Smith Medallist. The highest profile product of the experiment to date has been Medal of the Order of Australia and Brownlow Medal recipient Jim Stynes, who was an early recruit. In the same draft, Melbourne recruited two more Irish players, Jim Stynes' brother Brian and Tom Grehan.

Broke his leg playing Aussie Rules and returned to Ireland in 1991. Despite the rise of former hurler Setanta Ó hAilpín in the AFL, recruitment interest in Ireland began to wane in mid-2010. Random.


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