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Later, Myrah is forced to go back to the hotel. Later, Myrah tells Rudra about the marriage and gets close to him.

Danveer informs Rudra's mother about Rudra returning home.

Myrah makes paratha for breakfast, which Rudra appreciates and a friendship blossoms between them.

An intoxicated Rudra forces Paro for the marriage.

Rudra stresses over Parvati's injury, and later, cautions Mohini to avoid Parvati. Rudra Pratap takes Paro to her aunt. Later, Parvati is excited about wearing her wedding dress. Rudra's condition begins to deteriorate. Myrah then further shocks Mohini by showing her the papers that state that Rudra is the new owner of the Haveli. Rudra then chases the stranger, but he manages to escape.

Rudra suspects Shantanu to be conman and becomes furious when someone replaces Parvati's gift. Rudra is completely shattered on seeing his mother's picture at Tejawat's house, which confirms his father's words. Amongst numerous taunts Mohini orders Maithili to finish her chores.

Thanks. As the passengers alight, gunshots break the silence of the night and all are shot dead. Laila gets shocked to see Tejawat. Later, Samrat finds the truth and walks out of the house. Parvati later asks a reluctant Rudra to connect with this mother. Parvati behaves indifferent to get Rudra close to his mother.

Meanwhile, she explains to Dhruv that she is not his mother. Meanwhile, Doctor informs Danveer that Dilsher is in critical condition.

But, Rudra is suspicious of Shantanu, and inquiries him about his wrist injury. Later, the woman turns out to be Laila.

In the end, Parvati scolds Rudra for his act and promises that she will never leave him.

Later, she also shares her problem with Maithili.

But he refuses to listen and performs Ganpati Sthapna as the first ritual for marriage with Parvati. Mohini, to everyone's astonishment, deceitfully holds Sumer responsible for poisoning Parvati, Rudra and Danveer.

I’ve been searching for it like crazy. Paro convinces Rudra to accept Mala.

She dresses up and tries to confess her love to him but Rudra rejects her and says that he still loves his wife. Meanwhile, Rudra arrives at the venue to keep an eye on the proceedings, but Tejawat sneaks into the store room to check on the guns. Sign Up Now!

Mohini takes Samrat to Sisodiya's house to fix his marriage with Shatabadi. At first, Mohini hesitates and gets angry but later she eats a laddoo.

Allowed latin and ! But Dhruv falls down from a chair while trying to put a bag on the shelf and Rudra blames Myrah for Dhruv's injuries and shouts at her. Rudra gets angry when Parvati sings his mother's song and warns her to never sing it again.

I’m just starting Rangrasiya as its finished posting and I’m midway through Bepannah.

Parvati informs Rudra that she is ready to fight with him to make him realise that he is wrong and she will wait until the day he apologises to her for spoiling her life. Mala leaves a letter for Parvati and leaves Haveli, as she is hurt by Mohini's words. please do you think you can upload bepanah pyar and also do have Jodha Akbar. Later, Tejawat points a gun at Parvati and confesses about his crimes.

Later, a doctor confirms that Laila's wounds will heal in couple of days, Rudra tells her to move out to a safe place where Tejawat cant reach her. Rudra undergoes an emotional conflict and leaves. Maithili then makes Myrah understand that Maa Ji is the foundation of their house and she should respect her. Women from social welfare visit the haveli to enquire about Parvati.

Later, Parvati asks Rudra's help to search.

He speaks ill of her and leaves, and Mohini comes and taunts at Mala.

Later, Rudra ties her hands and locks her up like a criminal.

Examples of the tv shows are: Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Ishq mein marjawan. Will u ever upload that with or without subtitles? Later, Parvati burns her hands to avoid putting mehendi or sign the papers.

Meanwhile, Tejawat is shocked to know that Thakurain had gone to the BSD office and asks his men to move out. Later, Rudra gets suspended for misconduct and Parvati plans a romantic evening to cheer him up. Later, Myrah persuades Maithili and Samrat to adopt a child. Just when Laila is about to offer help, Parvati stitches the button and impresses Rudra, causing Laila's plan to backfire. Myrah turns him down saying she cannot betray Rohit.

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Rudra Begins his Investigations in Birpur, Rudra Reinstates Honour of the Indian Flag, Rudra Conspires to Arrest Parvati and Thakurain. Later, the inebriated pair express their true feelings to each other. Rangrasiya 25th February 2014 Full Episode - YouTube: pin.

Rudra holds Tejawat at his gunpoint, but Parvati hits him on the head. Later, He threatens Parvati to sign the statement against Tejawat and promises that he will stop the marriage if she does.

Elsewhere, Tejawat flees his place in fear of getting arrested. ), Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn All Episodes.

Later, Parvati casts doubts on Shantanu as two villagers tell her about seeing Shantanu in Birpur earlier. Parvati hits Rudra on the head with a rod and makes him unconscious after Rudra threatens to kill Tejawat. Singh informs Rudra about his next mission in Birpur and this reminds Rudra of his childhood in Birpur.

Elsewhere, Myrah finds Rudra's wallet on the floor.

Shantanu enters Rudra's house in a BSD officer's disguise. Later, Rudra calls a vendor home for Myrah's shopping needs.

Meanwhile, Laila collides with someone at the market, only to realise that it is none other than Sumer.

However, when Myrah asks the family's permission to reside in their house, Rudra refuses and asks her to leave immediately. Rudra Begins his Investigations in Birpur, Rudra Reinstates Honour of the Indian Flag, Rudra Conspires to Arrest Parvati and Thakurain.

BSD officials give Rudra a four day deadline to prove and justify his actions that he carried out without any instructions from his superiors or face court-martial.

Later, Sumer informs Mohini about his conversation with Bheema, but Parvati overhears them and decides to go with Sumer. TheBollywoodShow.

Parvati gets confused about joining Mohini. What follows is an unexpected and sensual love story, as they battle against the patriarchal rules of the Thakurs and escape from outlaws. Myrah, after realizing her mistake, asks for everyone's forgiveness. Later, Ranawat family is worried about Sunehri not returning from college, and decide to go look for her.

Meanwhile, Tejawat provokes Parvati against Rudra by telling her that BSD officers took Bindi.

Rudra doubts Shantanu over his weird actions when Danveer talks about a secret being exposed.

Default server (STREAMHD) appear to be NOT WORKING currently, kindly please switch to another server until it’s fixed (how?). TheBollywoodShow. However, Rudra shouts at her of playing the prank. In order to protect Parvati, Rudra divides the house into two and nails the curtains to all the windows. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. 1:28. Later, Sumer gets a call from a dealer after he informs Samrat about his plans to sell the haveli.

Rudra gives Dhruv a reality check, telling his dead mom won't return and that Myrah is not his mom.

Myrah stuns everyone by bringing the banished Maithli & Samrat back to the haveli. WLEXT.IS | WLEXT.NET | JUSTBINGEIT.PW | Watch the best International TV Series, Telenovelas and Movies with English subtitles and dubbing for free. Meanwhile, Sumer adds itching powder in Shatavdi's bathing water right before her 'Muh Dikhayi'. The Pandit advises Paro to appeal to God and relinquish something that is most valuable to her.

Next morning, Rudra gets angry as he reads Mala's letter. Meanwhile, Sumer makes a deal with Thakur Tejawat to hand over Parvati in exchage of a large sum of money. Rangrasiya tells us the story of a village girl from a rural village in Rajasthan and an BSD officer...who are met at an encounter by BSD army.

Join a community with a new generation of fans, This Email is already registered in Simkl, You can choose a password length of not more than 50 characters. While Rudra is in agony over his inability to express his love for Myrah, Rohit surprises Myrah with a ring. is an Indian daily soap opera which aired on Monday through Friday on Star Plus from 6 June 2011 to 30 November 2012. Tejawat gets news of this and becomes very happy. Amandeep informs Rudra that Parvati's life is in danger because of Tejawat, but Rudra assures him of Paravti's safety.

Rudra announces infront of everyone that he wants to get married in the next four days and that Mohini will bear the expenses. Rudra thinks that Parvati is upset because of Laila. As Shantanu deliberately avoids the topic and escapes, Rudra decides to sneak into Shantanu's room to find his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Mohini asks Parvati to make breakfast and Rudra helps her by teaching her how to light gas and use the mixer.

Later, Rudra gifts Paro some bangles.

I mean what’s good and what’s not, what people like to watch etc… I can see a show currently airing getting some attention called Bepanah Pyaar but again I’m not familiar with it and it’s 150+ episodes ongoing… does anyone watch that for example? Later, Rudra learns about the incident and yells at Maithili. Meanwhile, a jeweller sends Parvati with some money to Thakur Param Singh. Elsewhere, Laila asks Sumer to marry her and slaps him, and warns him not to touch her.

Rudra goes to the temple to pray for Dilsher, while Parvati urges Rudra to take her home, only to be refused.


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