remington defense r4
When you’re firing bursts of 5.56 NATO from a carbine you’re going to feel some vibrations in your shoulder. 2. With bare hands the trigger was fairly crisp and light.

So you know some about physics.... Nice. Whether standing a bit farther away or up close and personal the R4-Entry performed nicely, slinging lead down-range with nice accuracy. Because while it is certainly true the 5.56 NATO does not have the felt recoil of other calibers, you do feel it. And yes, they’re the real Defense products and not watered down versions that will still leave us jealous of the service men and women and first responders that have them issued to them. details: Free: …

$949.99 . Live Inventory Search. Compare prices for Remington Defense R4 SA 16 MOE-SL KEYMOD TROY BUIS 5.56 86585 from all vendors, Compare prices for Remington Defense R4 SA 16 MOE-SL KEYMOD TROY BUIS 5.56 86585 from all vendors from MPN: 86585. … I fired it both bare-handed and wearing a pair of Under Armour gloves, and with the gloves I was able to obtain a more positive grip. However, there is going to be a semi-auto R4-Enhanced coming onto the commercial market in the first half of 2015.

Ease up. share. However, in this case I did prefer the feel of the carbine with gloves rather than without. However, there is going to be a semi-auto R4-Enhanced coming onto the commercial market in the first half of 2015. And nobody said ANYthing about internal fogging. Neither does it produce the 43-pound-plus whip produced by a .338 Lapua Magnum; for the record, there are many who can attest to my undying love (and mild obsession) with the .338 Lapua Magnum: I adore it, I love it, I would marry it if it was human. R4; R10; Sniper Rifles. Authorized Remington Defense distributor, with Remington rifles, chassis, handguards, barreled action kits & more. We fired from fairly close range at just 25 yards away from paper targets – even moving closer at one point for some video time – and I have to say, as always, there’s not much in gun life more fun than select fire. Remington Defense R4 SA 16 MOE-SL KEYMOD TROY BUIS 5.56 86585. 100% Upvoted. While spending some time at Gunsite earlier this month, Phil and I were able to spend some time on the range with the Remington R4-Entry, also known as the R4-Enhanced. Want to see your products here? I've ordered 6 guns from these idiots! If anything, it was in reference to external coatings, regarding "external steam". This subreddit is for everything Remington. UPC: 047700865850.

But I digress. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 2018 Catalog: 2014 Catalog: Carbines. MPN: 86585. I can’t find it online or in the user manual. (stoopid)Ah, choices choices. Anyone know if these are Colt, Glock or 2-way compatible? The R4-Entry, specifically, is an efficient, capable weapon. If you have something negative to say about a Remington product, feel free to voice your issue here, but please keep it civil and polite (that goes for both sides of any argument). The family of R4s is, indeed, from the Remington Defense line, and that means they’re for the military and law enforcement. I'm the one that started this portion of the thread. But the fact remains the 5.56 NATO does have felt recoil, and when you’re firing a carbine like the R4-Entry on full-auto, or even in bursts, the sharpness of that recoil can rear its head more than you might expect.

0; Shop by Brands. With my long arms and fingers and its shortened length, it was definitely tucked in close to my body. As for how the R4-Entry handles, one of the first things I noticed about it was its size. It’s easy to see why the Philippine Army recently ordered 63,000 R4s to replace their older M14s and M16A2s and an Australian law enforcement agency also purchased a number of R4s at the end of 2012. Remington Defense R4 - thread pattern. The R4-Entry is a member of what Remington refers to as their “M16-type family” and is backed by more than four decades of field work. Towards the end of my time with the carbine I was waved in closer to the target for videotaping and found that although being closer is always easier it wasn’t that noticeable of a difference. 0 comments. Not sure what you mean. Remington customer support is closed. Yes, it depends on many factors, from personal preference to the stock to the gun itself, but the 5.56 NATO does not produce the popcorn-light ping of a .22LR. How would the casings get lodged in any CH? Ready to ship today! The gloves in no way deadened my trigger finger; bursts remained steady and light. Because of that they have semi and full-auto capabilities, as you would expect. The sights were A3 Removable Carry Handle Sights; there are many pros to iron sights including their durability – because heaven knows the beating this carbine takes in the field – lighter weight, and faster target acquisition. I can’t find it online or in the user manual. Does anyone know what the thread pattern is for a Remington Defense R4 AR-15? It’s also important to note that Remington’s press release says the Army awarded the company this contract “on behalf of key international allies,” meaning that the Army will be supplying these carbines to overseas allies.


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