roommate laws ontario

Hi Micheal, my roommate and I were lease holders. Perhaps you can have the issues respecting your "matrimonial home" dealt with in family court. If you want to terminate the tenancy, and you are on a month to month tenancy, then you must provide 60 days Notice with the end date being the last day of the term. A criminal record will affect your ability to be approved for a residential lease. So, I suggested that alternatively, I would move out of the unit, with my current co-tenant taking over as the sole lease holder and our mutual friend moving in as a 'roommate'.My landlord agreed to this proposal, but I want to make sure that I can properly terminate my interest in the tenancy, while still ensuring that my current co-tenant can continue on the lease without needing to sign a new agreement and thereby exposing him to a rent increase.

Likewise, unless the lease expressly prohibits subletting, the roommate who leaves could find a replacement roommate to live in the dwelling.

I presume that telling the tenant that he needs to get out asap hasn't worked? I was thinking she needs it for her rent for her new home, so I am thinking of offering her half now and half when she leaves. What can I do next? The Court will likely imply the typical covenants into your contract (meaning: whether it is written or not, you will be deemed to have contracted to provide quiet enjoyment etc. Hi there!

You have the responsibility to deliver vacant possession at the end of your notice and if you fail to do that your landlord could sue you and get a Judgment for the associated costs and losses incurred as a result of you not delivering vacant possession. He threatened to evict us because of a cockroach infestation (an unenforceable threat, I gather), refuses to make necessary repairs (the lock in our front door is faulty, and the kitchen faucet leaks), and told us that he has bedbugs in his unit and it's our fault (we've never had bedbugs in our unit). Essentially, I would like to know if I ask the occupant to agree to a fixed term and collect a last month's rent deposit from him/her? The landlord's child can never be a co-tenant as then I think the exemption applies. There was a conversation between A and B, at the time of their signing, to the effect that B did not want to move in until September even though it was a 12 month lease. Perhaps that is the explanation.If the lease is a joint tenancy your daughter is liable for the entirety of the losses. Now, she would like to get a room mate. While you are doing this collect evidence and proof of the conflict and turmoil caused by this tenant. If you signed one lease and you did that jointly the landlord will likely chase the person who is easiest to chase. Of course, this last option might not be considered a friendly move towards your current co-tenant. I would like to know the legal position with the rental agreement, how to give notice and act in reasonable manner as it is inevitable that the situation is not going to resolve itself.

Currently, at the end of a fixed term lease, if one of the tenants is leaving, I give the remaining tenants the option of signing a new lease with a new person that they find. Not really, but it isn't entirely wrong either. She is very unhappy and wants to move due to the unpleasantness and feels she is being unreasonably treated with the fragile bond that existed with the other girls now irretrievably broken. One of the biggest and perhaps most useful pieces of information is learning the timing of both people moving in, the conversations that were had at the time, the importance that the parties placed on the written lease, whether the lease was intended to be signed by more than one person. Can these things be built into an agreement? } Arrangements were made to rent furniture for her room and she moved in as planned to find that the other girls were moving in a few days after her. Most importantly, the police who would be considered independent third parties who were present at the home also appear to have sided with your Boarders.If it comes down to a legal battle the Court will analyze the relationship using contract principles.

The boyfriend but down $600 for last month rent (which was to repay a debit he owed her) but was never going to move in. If you want to start renting bedrooms and thereby create a rooming house (bedrooms are the unit--the rest of the house is common area), you should most definitely check with the City to see if your plans (for that specific address) are permitted. They are now deciding who will be leaving. Is there anything I can do to get back the money he has overcharged us ? He is not on any leases.

Hi Christina: Let us assume that you are a tenant in the apartment sharing with two other tenants. If your roommates don't leave when you vacate they become unauthorized occupants.

If the rent is not paid then the landlord can take steps against any or all of you for the unpaid rent and even terminate the tenancy if that is the route the landlord wants to go.

How did you handle the issue of the address of the rental unit?

My landlords have stated that they do not allow me to be the sole tenant. He could simply say it isn't his problem and do nothing.


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