sarah long marketing

There’s a master procrastinator holding you hostage.

Ask a successful, entrepreneurial CEO which department is the most important in her business, and she will undoubtedly tell you it’s marketing.

That means no surprise marketing campaigns with promises the sales team doesn’t know about (or worse, can’t deliver on). You’re ready to help more clients succeed with what is for 99% of the population, the largest financial transaction of their life…but you want to make sure you’re working with people who truly understand your value, who trust your expert guidance, who even refer you to more amazing clients. 7. look they don't scam anything out of you except you morals. Multi-nine-figure massive. Sarah Wichert. It’s time to get an expert to get you on the right path—because there is nothing more deadly than no action—followed by, only one step back, taking too many actions. This is not the time to get creative. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. If you are not embracing the Pareto principle wholeheartedly with your business practices, I guarantee you are flushing money-hours down the drain, and pushing away prospective wins.


13. Welcome to real estate marketing that actually works. 10. strict standards for business conduct. There’s a saying…”Jack of all trades, master of none.”. If you’re just starting out, you’re likely trying to write your copy on your own…and it’s sucking you dry. When you spend all this time and money on cultivating qualified, hot leads for sales to plant and grow into full-fledged clients, you can bet your gumdrop buttons that marketing should not be handing off their baby leads without so much as a second glance. Ever.

We can tweak as we go, but trying to reinvent the wheel as you drive the bus is how you get the good eggs to crack and jump off. But without a strategic vision and the right target market, this copy is not going to sell, no matter its prophecy or poetry.

If you’re just starting out, take a look at what other successful businesses that are similar to your model have done. It’s time to cut out these 13 business-killing marketing missteps. I was at their Tempe, Arizona location and they do the same routine all around the country.

Here are the top 13 reasons your marketing isn’t working, collected from my clients’ storied experiences in building their businesses… 1. More often than not, it’s because you’re not sure which path to take. Without an annual strategy to guide you, you’re just taking wild stabs in the dark. Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program.


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