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A: Ready, teddy, GO! Q: Where do you find polar bears? Q: Why did Tigger look in the toilet? So they each go into the woods, find a bear, and attempt to convert it.

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Q: Why do pandas like old movies? Q: What did the polar bear have stuck in it’s teeth? Here you go! Q: Did you hear about the man who tried to feed a grizzly an Apple? Great for parties, events, cards and trick-or-treating. Q: What is a polar bear’s favorite shape?

Q: What is furry and minty? Q: What do polar bears like to eat in the cold? A: A gummy bear. This was voted one of the best jokes of all time in a 2010 Reader’s Digest jokes contest: What religion are bears? Q: What kind of car does Yogi bear drive? Q: What do you call a polar bear wearing earmuffs? The man is kind of surprised that this woman would have a collection of teddy bears, especially one that's … Q: Why did God make only one Yogi Bear? I went to the zoo and saw a Bi-polar Bear! Easily identifiable as a Brown Bear, Yogi was created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Try our favorite llama puns. A: A drizzly bear Q: What did the Polar Bear say when it saw a seal on a bike? A: You don’t call it anything – you just run!

The best way to get over that? Q: What did the Polar Bear say when it saw a seal on a bike? 1. A: Because he couldn't bear it! A: A gummy bear! A: Yum… Hot Pockets! Q: Why didn't the baby leave his momma? Great for parties, events, cards and trick-or-treating.

Q: What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a rose? Never search for clean Halloween jokes again – Download them now instead.
Last Updated: A: A seal in each paw. A: The dentist. Q: Why are igloos round?

It's time to "banish" this common household item.

A: I'm stuffed. Q: What do you call a bear with no teeth? A: It's easy - just open the door. Q: When is a polar bear not a polar bear? A: A panda bear with a bad sunburn. Mr. Rabbit wishes for a crash helmet. Q: How do you put a polar bear into a refrigerator? A: Winnie the Pee-yoo. Q: What's yellow, comes from Peru, and is completely unknown? A: A happy polar bear, Q: How does a polar bear stop a DVD? A: I don’t know but I sure wouldn’t try to sniff it. Q. Q: What do you need for a wedding in the jungle? A: I'm not sure - but I wouldn't try smelling it! A: A seal in each paw! In a honey trap. Then what happens?

Q: Why don't polar bears like fast food? Q: What is a polar bear’s favorite shape? A: Anything you want because it can’t hear you. A: Just the “Bear” necessities. Q: What do you call a polar bear on thin ice? A: A panda bear rolling down a hill. "This is unacceptable and we must do better.". A: A teddy boar! Even though they are big and heavy, they can run fast and are also good at swimming and climbing. A: A bear faced lyre! A: They use bear conditioning. A: Wherever you lost them. Q: How do you catch a fish without a fishing rod? Then you can continue with our list of horse puns and jokes. A: Brrrrr-gers.

Back to: Animal Jokes. var month = currentTime.getMonth() + 1 He met all of the koalafications.

A: Brrrrrrrritos.

All Rights Reserved. Never search for clean Halloween jokes again – Download them now instead. A: Brrrrrrrritos. Q: What’s considered a balanced diet for polar bears? Not really interested in koalas and want to read rather about bigger animals? Do I know this guy? Plus you’ll get a fun bonus – Halloween Lunch Box Jokes Printable (30+ Days of Jokes). Q: What are polar bears called when they get caught in the rain? A: He would only do the BEAR minimum. A: A bitemare! Q: Why don't bears like fast food? A: brrrrr-gers, Q: Why did the polar bear swim across the river? All Rights Reserved. Q: What did the polar bear say when it saw the igloo? Fun Bear Facts: Bears have a large brain and are one of the more intelligent mammals. A: They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet! Q: What do you call a wet bear?

A: Mmmm, Hot Pockets…. Q: What has four legs and a flipper? A: A brrrrrrr. A: "Meals on Wheels!" Q: What do you call a big mean polar bear? (a lyre is a stringed instrument like a small harp).

I saw a polar bear eat something but my lips are sealed. Q: What don’t you need to hunt bear? if (year<1900) {year+=1900} document.write(year); "Not today, I need to spend some koalaty time with my family!". Later they get together. A: No, but I've been shooting in my shorts! © Get EVERY Halloween joke you’ll ever need right now and access them anytime on your PC, phone, tablet, Kindle or other device – forever! This collection of bear jokes is one of the biggest you’ll find.

Plus, I bearely even notice a difference!". Hundreds of small bears on a shelf all the way along the floor, medium sized ones on a shelf a little higher, and huge bears on the top shelf along the wall. Bear Joke – Why don’t Bears like Fast Food? Q: What does pooh eat at parties? A: With your BEAR hands.

A: It was the chickens day off! Q: What did the polar bears say when they saw campers in sleeping bags?

Q: What kind of hugs do polar bears give? Q: What do you call a grizzly bear at the North Pole? Q: What do you get when you cross a polar bear with a seal? There are five nations with polar bears: U.S. (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark), and Norway (Svalbard). A: "Sandwiches!"

A: Because they'd rather go to the cinema! Q: What does Baloo the Bear pack for a trip? Q: What color socks do bears wear? Q: Polar bear cubs are born wet, naked, and in an icy cave. Q: Why was the little bear so spoiled? Easily identifiable as a Brown Bear, Yogi was created by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. Q: How can you catch fish without using a fishing pole?

A: I don’t know but I wouldn’t try to smell it. Q: Why did the bear dissolve in water? A: Meals on Wheels! Q: What is black and white and red all over? It was clearly an elephant. A: Bipolar. A: Ice berg-ers! Kidz Jokes also has […], Kids Bear Joke at Kidz! A: A bear-faced lyre (a lyre is a stringed instrument like a small harp). Panda bears are herbivores and live almost entirely on bamboo while other bears eat mostly meat.
Q: What do you get if you cross a dishonest polar bear and a harp seal? A: What are YOU doing in this half of the world? Q: Why do polar bears have fur coats? A: BEAR your heart and soul. A: He was "Bamboozled"! Q: How do polar bears send letters? A: When it's in a "grizzly" mood. A: "Hey! A: An ice breaker. A: A bear faced lyre! These jokes about polar bears are great for teachers, parents, students, zoo staff and anyone who appreciates polar bears. A: He was looking for Pooh A: Because they can’t catch it, Q: What do you call a polar bear on thin ice? A: Things get worse! A: Tagliateddy. A: It depends on where you lost them. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Q: What did the polar bear say when she saw campers in sleeping bags? A: Ice berg-ers, Q: What did the polar bear say to the penguin? 2. A: A Furrari. Best Koala Puns and Koala Jokes. Mr. Bear wishes that all the other bears in the forest were female. A: Because they would look silly in ski jackets. Great for kids, parents and teachers, these jokes about bears are going to get some great laughs. A: To get to the other side.

The likelihood of transmission is pretty serious. Q: What do you call a big snarling polar bear that’s heading your way? To hear these total groaners!


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