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The construction of social judgments, 10, 37-65. Annual Review Psychology, 56, 393-421. Can we use psycological scales such as motivation or atttitude scales in the experimental studies in the inverstigations of the effects of methods? Directions? Furthermore, in a UK based study, Brown et al. He suggests that negative attitudes allow a punitive and/or dismissive approach, which can significantly weaken the TA (Hogue, 2009). These findings partially support the hypothesis that the attitudes will be more negative when the victim is a female and more positive when the victim is a male. Thanks! Wolf Legal Publisher. ), Handbook of Social Psychology (Vol. Retrieved from, Farrenkopf, T. (1992).

Two-component models of socially desirable responding. Collectively, the two theories imply that the base for behaviour are the initial intentions that in turn are influenced by an array of factors including attitudes towards that behaviour. 6 Although there was an attitude difference within the ‘Sentencing & Management’ subscale that indicated more punitive scores towards sex offenders when the victim was a female, the results were not statistically significant (Z = -.057, p = .955). This could potentially be explored in future studies as well and determine how much do the characteristics shared by the practitioner and the victim influences the attitudes. Findings, limitations and implications are discussed. 41-62). Craig, L. A. If you do feel that any distress was caused to you by any part of this study, you are free to discontinue the completion at any point and contact any of the support services provided to you here or at the end of the online task. However due to the broad, homogenous nature of community protection policies, nonviolent, small-risk offenders can be included in their implementation. Moreover, he suggested that perhaps the concept of attitudes is non-existent and they cannot justify for overt behaviour. Conceptualizing stigma. Vol. Retrieved from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. 1 (pp. The theory of planned behavior. Although attitudes may not always be a very good predictor of future behaviour as they are easily influenced, it has been stated throughout the literature that attitudes are the basis for stigma (Goffman, 2009). This may have been due to a number of plausible reasons for example, the sample used in this study reflected the young population, the students may have slightly distorted their answers to meet the socially desirable criteria and/or the several limitations of this research that may have influenced the results (i.e. The current data presented a moderate (7-13 scoring) probability (M = 8.05, SD = 1.18) that the student distorted their answers.

Self-deception and impression management in tests responses.

Therefore, this study is set out to examine what is the potential impact of victim’s gender on the general attitudes towards sex offenders as measured in a university sample.

Considering that the victims were of a different gender in each vignette, each participant responded to both questionnaires twice. Attitudes towards sex offenders and the influence of offence type: A comparison of staff working in a forensic setting and students. How can measure motivation or attitudes in experimental studies in education? Stigmatized among the stigmatized: Sex offenders in Canadian penitentiaries. Overly positive attitudes somewhat disregard the victim and can influence the objective assessment of clinical change (Hogue, 2009).

This research is being carried out as part of my independent study at the University of Worcester. Stigma has been defined as an attribute that discredits the individual within the society, somewhat diminishing the individual “from a whole and usual person to a tainted, discounted one.” (Goffman, 1963, p.3). Levenson, J. S., & Hern, A. L. (2007). The impact of training on attitudes towards sex offenders. Ricciardelli, R., & Moir, M. (2013). Scores on self-deception and impression management can range from 0 to 20 and are attributed to categories (low 0-6; moderate 7-13; high 14-20) where higher scores indicate desirable responding.

International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 7(1), 95-103. Goffman, E. (2009). Further distribution or reproduction in any format is prohibited without the permission of the copyright holder. The research around the gender differences in attitudes towards sex offenders is vast and mixed. However, for future research this could be an interesting and rationalised approach to the attitudes towards sex offenders when investigating the impact of the victim’s gender. Positive attitudes towards the sex offender can also predispose the therapist to the vulnerability of being victimised (Farrenkopf, 1992).

The role of dehumanization in attitudes toward the social exclusion and rehabilitation of sex offenders. Yes/No? Therefore, this could be examined further in future research. The attitudes of psychology students are important and relevant as they are more likely than other graduates to be involved in the rehabilitation of the sex offender or the victim (Harper, 2012).

“Trying to rehabilitate a sex offender is a waste of time.”) (see Appendix 3 for a full overview of this scale). Presented at the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services Annual Conference (IAFMHS), Edinburgh, UK. For example, Smith (2008 cited in Hogue, 2009) found males to have more positive attitudes while other research (Ferguson & Ireland, 2006; Green, 2004; Radley, 2001) found females to be more positive in their attitudes. Company Registration No: 4964706. All work is written to order. Ward, T., Mann, R. E., & Gannon, T. A. In a literature review, Wicker (1969) found no significant relationship between attitudes and overt behaviour.

Another significant issue that can arise as a result to negative attitudes for the sex offender is the failure to reintegrate into communities. The ‘tripartite model’ (Allport, 1935) suggests that attitudes are comprised of affective, behavioural and cognitive responses. Brown, S., Deakin, J., & Spencer, J. Reference this. Across literature, there have been many attempts at providing strong empirical support for the link between attitudes and behaviour together with the development of several theories. Stigma and social exclusion. He immediately got up, moved to another empty seat and proceeded to report the man. Process variables in the treatment of sexual offenders: A review of the relevant literature.

The details are not revealed and neither is the weapon no minimise distress where possible.

(2008). Traditional and non-immersive computerised methods incorporate the employment of static and simple stimuli within a highly sterilized environment, while the ecologically valid tests which are currently in use do not adequately reflect the complexity of real-life situations. This evaluation can be in favour or disfavour towards an attitude object (Eagly & Chaiken, 1993). Dissertation List of Tables, Charts, Figures, unskilled, amateur, low-paid, foreign writers. 143-165). San Diego, CA: Academic Press. Marshall, W. L., Fernandez, Y. M., Serran, G. A., Mulloy, R., Thornton, D., Mann, R. E., & Anderson, D. (2003). Attitude-behavior relations: A theoretical analysis and review of empirical research. Andrews, D. A., Bonta, J., & Wormith, J. S. (2011). Harper, C. A. What will happen to the results of the research study?

For the purpose of this experiment, two short vignettes were produced both describing an act of sudden sexual assault against a victim (male and female) by a male perpetrator. The results showed that attitudes had a negative effect when the victim was a female. How law enforcement, mental health (forensic and nonforensic), and the general public stereotype sex offenders. What people think about the management of sex offenders in the community. He sat down next to her and as soon as the plane took off he unbuckled her seat belt and began to touch her sexually. (2007). Are there any disadvantages or risks to taking part? This has been challenged by another theory, the ‘attitudes-as-constructions perspective’ that concludes that individuals do not retrieve a previously filed memory but they create a new attitude based on surroundings (Wilson & Hodges, 1992). Overall, the scale showed great internal consistency (α = .94), as well as for each factor: ‘trust’ (α = .84), ‘intent’ (α = .87) and ‘social distance’ (α = .83).

Sexual Abuse, 17(2), 127-140. Although the link between attitudes and behaviour is somewhat logical, early research has failed to provide empirical evidence that successfully supports this link (Vogel & Wanke, 2016).

Attitudes and attitude change. On the other side of the spectrum, when the attitudes are too positive towards the client may unlock different problems, which can also be regarded as negative. TA is plainly defined as the relationship between a client and their therapist or the outcome between the therapist’s approach and the client’s perception of the approach and the therapist (Marshall et al., 2003).

In M. Herzog-Evans (Ed. (2006). For example, the second theme is referring to the development and maintenance of hope and motivation (Farrall & Calverley, 2006), however negative attitudes can hinder the development of hope and motivation and so on.

The existent attitudes and perceptions scales are mostly developed as a Likert scale (Likert, 1932) or a similar method and thus measured on a spectrum with two opposite ends (i.e. What happens to therapists who work with sex offenders?. Within the Sexual Offences Act, sexual assault is described as an offence where an individual (A) intentionally touches another individual (B), the touching is sexual, B does not consent to the touching and A does not reasonably believes that B consents (SOA, 2003). Arguably, if the six themes of desistance are not applied in practice, this could lead to reoffending. A significant amount of empirical evidence found women’s attitudes to be more positive (Ferguson & Ireland, 2006; Green, 2004; Radley, 2001) or males with more positive attitudes (Smith, 2008 cited in Hogue, 2009).

For example, Weekes, Pelletier and Beaudette (1995) found that the sex offenders that victimise women and children are viewed as more immoral and ‘mentally ill’ than other sex offenders due to their victim’s perceived vulnerability factor. A Transition Program for Post-Release Sex Offenders Psychology Dissertation Ideas or Thesis Topics, 2013 Psychology Dissertation Format PDF Examples,Philosophy Department Psychology Dissertation Ideas Topics, Psychology Dissertation Proposal Grants … Levenson, J. S., & Macgowan, M. J.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Understandably, sexual assault is a term that often generates strong and negative emotions mostly due to its invasive context but more importantly, as it is considered a violation of one’s fundamental human rights (Corăbian, 2016). Our Additional Dissertation Writing Features Associated with "Sex Offenders": Sex Offenderss Dissertation Copyright © 2002-2020   All rights reserved. In the contemporary neoliberal moment, the judicial discourse of appellate Indian courts has sought to normalize the identity of sexual minorities such as bar dancers and the LGBT community. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 9

No plagiarism, guaranteed! The most obvious effect that positive attitudes can have on the TA are boundary issues (Smith & Fitzpatrick, 1995). Therefore, a stronger replication with a more diverse sample and perhaps more characteristics could potentially alter the present results.


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