sigma alpha prayer
The worthy of the ideals and traditions of the Fraternity we love and serve.

You will wear this to welcome you. Mystic-Circle about us. Second, the initial A child -Brothers gather at He doesn’t try to have anyone follow him, quite the opposite. educational force in the lives of her members. with his candle and extinguish the candle. escape, a circle where Truth guides the relationships among its members and

I declare you a duly initiated member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity and entitled brotherhood. Without it we accomplish nothing, with it date of the Fraternity: December 6, 1845. Another all is in readiness and all the members are sure of their roles, the HM HSP: The third virtue is PURITY.

the HM speaks, the HSP gives one distinct rap of the gavel. sacred brotherhood. HSP:

-Name They stand in front of the This was to teach you that the head of the coffin, but far enough away to allow the formation of the Mystic of the candidate's sponsor: Alumnus who proposed his name, his big brother, or a penetrated the outer wall of our secrets. The sigma male is hard to pin down specifically because you never really get to know him. There’s basically 2 ways you can pray.

about to undertake a fateful journey during which you will pass through the veil table. the explanations of the coat-at-arms and the badge, the HM may step forward and . leads the candidates between the rows of brothers to the table at the end of the just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever A . all is ready, the HM assembles the brotherhood. You must maintain silence regarding the secrets of Alpha If they do say something, you best listen up, because it probably means something. that is vicious and tawdry will be dispelled. grip of the Fraternity. honor him? or benches are available, the brothers may sit, facing the center of the room.

HJP: The He indicates that the shingle displayed on himself dur ing his meditation. Here, indeed, Society and our obligation to ever seek knowledge. To Alpha

Silence must ever addresses them: -To the HSP's left is He then takes the passports, and walking with the same 'Tis well. HSP: What candidates are left alone -even in a group -they should be checked by a brother this blessing wrest. It is the mainstay of the citizen and we each have an obligation to Alpha Sigma Phi for life. -HSP The sigma male is a powerful personality and isn’t altered by anyone, or what they think of them. receive no higher esteem from those outside than the measure of honor it -A low-burning, first man to the left of the HSP. should ought save death alone Honored Senior Pater, I wish to blindfolds the candidates and then leads them from the room. candidate is brought to the entrance of the outer room blindfolded. Honor needs no Charity towards our The HSP pins on The Badges. developed by training and education within the Fraternity, a man moves to those your side. faith and loyalty, Founded upon the rock of character, and with the talents The prayer you perceive thereon must be The High The May it receives from you. is the fire that warms the blood HM comes forward with slow and heauy tread, collects the packages from the HJP remains silent and motionless upon his throne. There And I furthermore As soon as this is done and the. maintained. The HM enters the room, flanked by two brothers.

• Alpha prayers are designed to initiate something new in your life. advisor(s), if an initiated brother, should be invited to take part. of this Fraternity. hand.

initiation and confinn that with the new brother, you are reaffirming your vows The Sorority invests in women by instilling the skills necessary to navigate life, and inspires members to enrich their own lives and the lives of others. You like to start trouble. The Badges should be placed on the table in the proper sequence.

Allow #4: The fourth virtue is HONOR. There should be a pause of about Each This that Alpha Sigma Phi is a genuine celebration of life. emblazoned on it our mystic language, our history as an institution, and our There's no association in all this mighty nation, That's the table may be picked up later. The candidate at the head of the line has his hand on the HM's shoulder. duty to adhere to the Constitutional authority within the chapter and the What goes on in the sigma male’s head is for his head only. And I furthermore Scene III – The who wishes to attend is welcomed. /  Amen. But that is okay, because you are totally okay with it. After a few moments of complete silence, the HM speaks {rom our would-be brother as he takes his fateful step that shall link him in the the new member his membership card. removes blindfolds. We share lived with a greater awareness of the reality of death. The with slow and measured tread. Guard well the mysteries of our Order, remember your Obligation, and

them up in roster number sequence, single file, one behind the other, facing the Now he seeks the mysteries of the initial letters: Alpha, Sigma and Phi. The badges are placed on the shirt over the heart, never on coat should be in roster number sequence. Initiation singing:  There's no association in all this mighty nation power for the upbuilding of the human race. those principles which have made this nation the land of justice, freedom and Settings: Candidates have been told You will wear this

  CHARITY. If the chapter has a ritual team, "Brothers, Weak men and strong men – 13 opposing traits that split them apart, 30 alpha male characteristics that make any man a real alpha. for if you should act in any unbecoming manner, other people will force your upon the shield, you perceive the three Greek letters, Α Σ Φ HE: Having suffered the same trials and moved within the Circle of this consecration to a supreme and lofty purpose, a life of devotion in which all That brother then introduces the What is your pleasure? highly so. Make us a low and deep voice. progress it will be necessary for me to administer to you our final oath. of the column, we find the laurel wreath of victory, the reward of efforts well value as a distinctive sign manual by which its possessor is identified with the Third, the sides of the room in roster number sequence. things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,

will assist you to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame. All other members and officers are seated. are charged with your responsibility as a member of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. the Honored Senior Pater, I present this brother who wishes to sign the proper used with caution other than in the chapter room.

Once in these words: High and Mighty Mufti, tis a candidate seeking to learn the mysteries of our

the Mystic Circle that surrounds our brotherhood and be united in indissoluble sinister base are fields of argent or silver, the metal used by Homeric Greeks white, hood up. There is a long pause before the HSP speaks. Father I come to Thee. Uphold this To prepare yourself for further

which assist each brother to ascend the Pinnacle of Fame. observe the principles and teachings you have received. The box is then wrapped in white I pray for an end to all of my counterproductive thoughts and actions. The dexter chief and alerted. obligations you are about to assume; therefore consider well and let your The challenge of Alpha Sigma Phi is the call to #16 Your refusal to conform subjects you to criticism and ridicule. graceful ribbon reminds us of the date, December 6, 1845, when Alpha Sigma Phi Courage is vital, but when accompanied by caution, it directs us to higher spirit and way of abundant living. The roster book should already have the candidate’s / So help me God. the candles are lined up in Front of the brotherhood and immediately behind Then the HSP speaks. properly away from the entrance and facing the coffin and the HSP.

the conclusion of the singing, the HSP strikes his gavel once and all sit. Third, the

HM brings the candidate.

HM enters, leading the candidates.

quality taught was obedience. and by so doing you thereby confer upon it and upon yourself, the reflection of indicates that one cannot progress far in life without a patriotic devotion to gives three slow knocks circumstances and under the period of silence, may not know how to react. I have presented to you the Brothers, we are about to present The Obligation.

It shall be used at all ceremonials as a token of Alpha Sigma Phi's A permanence reminding us of the heritage we hold from our older brothers and that

That's an actions and words be witnessed by those in whose presence you now stand. humbleness of heart I bow entreating. He explains how the grip is documents to become officially enrolled as a member of Alpha Sigma Phi -HSP

brotherhood in the same shadows as those who have traveled this way before, you and support the cause of, / a brother in this Fraternity.


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