south dakota road hunting rules

Laws allowing hunting in the rights-of-way, or the land under and alongside a highway or road, are part of a longstanding hunting tradition in South Dakota. Klotzbach said he and other hunter safety trainers stress that guns should be unloaded around or in the vehicle even if it is legal. The main target of so-called “road hunting” in South Dakota is the state’s famous pheasant population, which drew 120,000 hunters in 2017 – about 60 percent from other states – who took 830,000 birds during the 79-day season that starts in mid-October. Vehicle road hunting violations. Road hunting is legal on public rights-of-ways, though most roadside ditches and fields are privately owned in the state. • Small game and waterfowl taken from the right of way that falls onto private property can be retrieved by unarmed hunters on foot. Numerous hunters have been injured in South Dakota while road hunting or while carrying a loaded gun in a vehicle, according to state records. Road Hunting Regulations for South Dakota. It is the hunter’s responsibility to know whether land is private. Montana allows hunters to carry loaded, uncased guns in their vehicles, but it is illegal to hunt on, from or across any public roadway, said Mike Lee, a wildlife permitting officer who spent a decade as a game warden in the field. Hunting, Fishing or Camping in South Dakota? You must be at least 11 years old to take this online course. If you'd like use our content, contact us to request access. You do not have to be a resident of South Dakota to take this online course.

These handbook hunting regulations are also available in our free smartphone app; … South Dakota Bowhunter Laws and Regulations. South Dakota has one of the strongest hunting traditions and therefore some of the most lenient state gun laws in the country.

Anyone knows that once the sun goes down, blaze orange does not ‘pop’ against a backdrop of other colors. All content is shared, free of charge, with media outlets across the state. When 10 percent of the nation’s pheasant hunters converge upon your state autumnally, hunter safety is a valid concern.

“You could shoot across the road, but I don’t typically personally do that,” Alban said. Hunters are allowed to retrieve birds that are shot and fly onto private property as long as they do not bring their gun during the retrieval. 41:06:04:07. South Dakota News Watch is funded by contributions from readers like you. However, people must follow these rules in order to keep road hunting alive; it has been on the chopping block during legislative sessions in the past.”, The pusher and blocker pheasant hunting technique is also fairly common in South Dakota (hunters pushing pheasants to other hunters blocking or posting at the end of a field), and Eberhart says his department investigates many hunting accidents every year because “a blocker was not seen by the pushers, and ends up getting a chest full of #5 lead.” “I investigated an accident last year where a man was shot from 25 yards and they pulled 46 pellets out of his chest, neck and cheek,” he says, “I always tell folks, wear lots of blaze orange, and never shoot at a pheasant unless there is plenty of ‘sky’ underneath it.”. The bullet shattered both his femurs and left him unable to move and bleeding profusely. This is a case where these folks feel they can’t waste a moment in getting to their quarry in the ditch.

The hunter can pull over, exit the vehicle and then fire at pheasants, waterfowl or other small game from the pavement or the ditch – even at a bird flying across the travel lanes. You may not road hunt if there is cattle, churches, schools, residential areas, etc within 660 feet. Likewise, South Dakota will accept Bowhunter Education certifications that are issued by other jurisdictions that meet official IHEA-USA requirements. Here are the answers to the questions South Dakota Bowhunter students most frequently ask. Harassment of hunters who show intent of lawfully taking and harvesting game is against the law.

South Dakota is yet another state where hunting legislation serves the interests of both hunters and environmentalists in a harmonious matter. In Nebraska, shotguns must be unloaded but can be uncased in a vehicle, while rifles can be loaded and uncased. “The best bet is to keep your gun in a case and keep it unloaded; then you know you’re safe,” he said.

It is often that houses are built in tree groves in South Dakota, and sometimes these houses cannot be seen. The state has collected data on hunting incidents involving injury or death since 1988. The danger in driving with a loaded, uncased firearm is that there is almost no safe way to ensure the muzzle of the gun is pointed in a safe direction, one of the most basic tenets of any hunting safety course, Kolbeck said. The shooting of game from a moving vehicle is against the law on public hunting grounds in the state of South Dakota. Hunting in South Dakota is vital to the state's economy with over $275 million in state revenue from hunting related expenses like gun sales, equipment, licenses, and permits in 2004. Road hunting also makes hunting much easier because it doesn’t require a bird dog, a large hunting party or long walks through a field. Buy your license, apply for a … All of our stories are available to other media outlets. Hunting Too Close to Home, Church or School. Olsen said he supports road hunting as a practice but would like to see the 660-foot safety zone expanded to include roads along hunting preserves. Usually, it’s just pellets in the eyes, or face or chest.”. 2. Hunters cannot fire within 660 feet of any church, school, occupied dwelling or livestock, and with few exceptions – special permits granted to handicapped hunters or people trying to kill predators such as coyotes — are not allowed to shoot from the vehicle. Soon after, Reidburn and his wife were told by doctors at a hospital in Watertown to “expect the worst” and that he was likely to lose his right leg. South Dakota's hunting legislation also institutionalizes the state's long tradition of hunting that dates back to the 19th century days of being an open frontier. 605-223-7660. “I always stress safety, even if it’s not against the law,” he said. Furthermore, neither the person discharging a firearm nor the small-game animal being shot at may be within the 660-foot safety zone. Lee said that the law against road hunting doesn’t always stop the practice. A hunter was shot while driving from one hunting spot to another with a loaded gun in Gregory County in October 2015. Protrusion of firearms from motor vehicles prohibited. And no, I don’t fall for the “My watch must be 10 minutes off…” excuse J. In South Dakota, "road hunting" is cause for many pheasant hunting violations. Lead shot is legal ammunition to shoot turkeys in South Dakota. is produced by Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC.

Some road hunters drive alongside preserves and shoot any birds that scurry into the rights-of-ways. The use of motor vehicles on public hunting lands is prohibited except on designated roads and parking lots.


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