strategy guide for rome total war 2

Once controlled you can choke the island with a blockade with your western fleet. As Rome you need to be aggressive in your strategy. Believe or not, the lion’s share of the gameplay occurs outside of the battlefield, on the campaign map. Next Strategic map Interface Prev Prologue. If it's positive, your treasury will increase by that amount every turn. It doesn’t hold anything back, and even in the prologue it’s quick to completely hand over the reins to the player (who may or may not be lost on what they’re supposed to do). So you can see that Vision and Positioning is greatly superior to simple numbers. For this reason, they should be guarded by at least one small unit to prevent them from being ambushed/sabotaged. The Iceni are not known for their ships, but they still have some good enough melee ship units to give enemies a hard time. Sparta has all there military training grounds of good units as Athens appears to be there economic center. Additionally, they have chariots available that allow them to nullify enemy elephant units and disrupt other’s calvaries. Their opinion of your faction may range from very friendly/friendly (green face) to neutral (yellow) and furious (red). Creative Assembly, the Creative Assembly logo, Total War and the Total War logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of The Creative Assembly Limited. Artillery works best against Pike and Infantry units, and also at times against ships if enemy invasion is from shores. The basic mechanics should still be the same, but I'd recommend watching more recent youtube guides in the last 2 years or so for updates. Keeps your people in check and you gain more bonuses this way. Rome is the dominant power on the Italian peninsula, and stands at a turning point in history. You haven’t read this Total War Rome 2 beginner’s guide yet. at least 6-8 unit types. Learn how to dominate the ancient world by using the campaign UI in Total War: ROME II with this handy guide. ROME II BLOG.

This is where the Iceni work best. Hello everyone!

Do not trade with Syracuse as you need all there lands to unify another province for Rome.

Having said that, don't do auto resolve on enemy territory, because if you did suffer alot of casualties you will have to fall back and replenish before advancing or you will lose that army quickly.

However, this needs a mix of speed, defense, stability, and boarding time, for which reason it is important to determine your priorities during sea sailing. They can gain disavantages to have you split your armies from north and south. Spain, Sicily and Northern Africa belong to you. Use it to see a list of available units you can add to that particular generals forces. With control of italia, you gain more armies and fleets and since you gain a province you get to put up edicts which can enchance some stuff for you. Don't try and trade with Northern states as they hate your guts already. Select him and you will see the ‘Recruit units’ button. Gallery. Playing Rome is actually pretty hard so my strategy is very much situational to your skill level. They would be all over the place trying to take Spain and Syracuse and may take the isles to the west of Rome. Plus they become an easy target for Carthage and Greece and you end up protecting them. If you see a lot of cavalary be sure to keep your ranged behind your melee units. Unfortunately, the missile infantry of the Iceni faction is its main weak point. Personally I prefer a slightly top-down angle so I can more easily see the different battalions. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. War with Libya will be inevitable. You can only have a limited number of Generals at any one time so you’ll need to use them strategically. Though the faction lacks some prowess when it comes to sea, they have great ability in land battles with their aggressive units and cavalry.

Walled settlements (aka provincial capitals) are more well defended than other non-walled settlements within the province. Discover eygpt asap and appease them as much as possible.

Spread your units out to avoid heavy ranged hits. But since Fixed Artillery units are not moveable, they are ideal for defensive purposes where you must hold the line against enemy attack, unlike the field artillery that is ideal for offense. Overall, the Iceni missile infantry is the faction’s least interesting unit system. The objective is to help beginners pick up the basic concepts quickly so they won't be overwhelmed by the many features that may not seem to make sense at first sight. In the case of Rome or Carthage, regardless of the chosen family, you always start the game having the same provinces. Use the mouse wheel to get an eagle-eye view of the field. Don't use auto resolve unless you have a lot of veteran units and a 70%+ advantage.

Learn how to effectively control an army when in battle in Total War: ROME II. Some tips in this guide may also apply to Attila beginners as the game is based on the same Rome 2 engine. However, that’s not to say the Chariots are invincible – they are very vulnerable if pinned down in combat, and also very vulnerable against Pike wielders from the front. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. The Chariots are great ambushes and like the cavalry units can utilize forest and hill regions and hit enemy units from the flank. Select one of your cities and you’ll notice there are many things you can do with it. Command the Ancient world’s most incredible war machine. I knew the enemy general had to come to me, and since the battle was to take place in a city (with streets that bottleneck the opposing forces) I positioned my units in such a way so that I was able to hold the line by not allowing his units to fight me in an open area. They can even go across water with little difficulty. Once I was defending with a weak army of 200 against a force of 400.

But more experienced generals also will find some interesting information here. Another important thing to check out is the diplomacy menu which is where you can make alliances and set up trade routes with other empires. Founded by Ptolemy following the death of Alexander the Great, Egypt has become a centre of culture and trade under its Macedonian rulers. Depending our your economy is good or not, if you plan to invade a faction that controls an entire province, try taking out the minor towns first since the major city will rebel easy and cause a drain in income since you would need to keep your army there long and you will have to convert some facilities and the culture longer. This is useful to get a good angle on the action but a bit counterintuitive to seasoned RTS players. Every new city you capture, turn off taxing for them to help increase stability faster. This video shows the basics of how to play the game and some advanced tips to give you the edge on harder difficulties.

So, it really boils down to priorities of what kind of ship you want and what your playstyle is. The beating heart of Carthage is the city itself, a major port and bustling trade hub nestling on the North African coast. The campaign is in three main theaters. For the beginners I recommend playing the first large game part while controlling the Rome.


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