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Chris will get detention if he’s late for school again, yet a hall monitor quickly reports him for not being on time. Peter later became the leader of the emerging church. After witnessing God take Joseph from the prison to the palace, Chris realizes the value of trusting in God's plans. Jesus even came to Him to call Him back and gave Him a new purpose… to feed His sheep and lambs. The children discover that they should never lose hope in God’s promises!

Join the fun as Miss Tina starts her internship at Quantum Labs and meets four comical robots: Gizmo, Rig, Gears and Widget. When a delinquent teen enters Chris and Joy's lives they don't see any chance of him changing his ways. As Chris' plans fall apart, Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo on an incredible journey back to ancient Egypt. Peter, James, and John had already fished in the sea and caught nothing. He is the one who prepares hearts! Watch Superbook season 5 full episodes. Jesus came by, whom they didn’t know, and tells them to launch out further and fish--with the nets they had just cleaned! Superbook takes Mateo to watch God rescue Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego from the fiery furnace. They were nicknamed the "Sons of Thunder" by Jesus. During the course of their miraculous adventure, Chris comes to understand the power to perform miracles comes only from God. Includes special editions of "The Prodigal Son" and "The Road to Damascus" plus special features, Includes special editions of "Noah and the Ark" and "Rahab and the Walls of Jericho" plus special features. Nehemiah seeks King Artaxerxe’s permission and blessing. And, a miracle! Chris is hooked on becoming the most powerful “god” in an online game. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see Abraham and Isaac face an extraordinary test of faith. Commercial Christmas mayhem is reigning supreme in the Quantum household. Süperkitap web sitesini kullanarak, Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı kabul etmiş olursunuz. It’s up to Joy—what should she do? The Quantum family along with Joy and Gizmo are enjoying a family camp out when Chris secretly decides it'll be more adventurous to ignore the rules laid down by his parents and the park ranger.

How can she find confidence to face the surgery? Includes special editions of "Ruth" and "The Birth of John the Baptist," plus special features. Includes special editions of "A Giant Adventure" and "Gideon," 2 Bible Background and 2 Signposts videos, a music video, and a video on how to draw David. Through prayer, God gives Daniel insight into the King's dream. To address this issue, Superbook whisks the kids off to Jerusalem and Chris learns from Jesus that even though Jesus is famous, he was humble and served others.

The Gospel of Christ that we share is like throwing a fishing net into the water. Superbook transports your kids back in time to the ancient city of Jericho. Superbook takes our heroes on a journey where they encounter the sinister Saul of Tarsus.

10853789. This is the case with the boats, fish, fishing nets, and the sea. Sarah laughed because Abraham and Sarah were both very old. login to access full-length Superbook episodes, FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE SUPERBOOK DVD CLUB, Elijah and the Prophets of Baal - Salvation Poem. S5, Ep9. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see Moses challenge Pharaoh to free Israelite slaves in Egypt. Nathanael was skeptical at first but upon meeting Jesus face to face, he declared that He was the Son of God! He quotes Proverbs:27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” So, what does this verse mean; how is it possible to sharpen one another?

Two teens destory Chris’ guitar and he vows to take revenge, but Superbook whisks him off to meet David. The men were so impacted that they chose to leave their family and careers.

When Jia Wei is mocked for inviting students to a Bible study, Chris wonders—shouldn’t he keep his beliefs to himself? Includes two exciting Bible Stories, "Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream" and "Let My People Go! Includes special editions of "Elisha and the Syrians" and "Peter and Cornelius," plus special features. That day, his net was filled with people! But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.” Joy witnesses Sharon Myers stealing a bike, and reports it to the principal.

Chris won’t confront a bully until seeing Daniel face death for doing what is right. © Copyright 2020 The Christian Broadcasting Network. Joy wants to escape from the hospital, where she must have her tonsils out. Chris, Joy and Gizmo think a thief can’t change until they meet Saul. Chris has a chance to become a starter on his soccer team when he discovers some teammates cheat to win. Hebrews:4:13 says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. We need positive influences in our lives to keep us accountable, on track, and sharp in our walk with Christ. Chris is getting big-headed because his band has been invited to audition for an American Idol-like show, called World's Best Band. This content is blocked. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching.” A knife that has been sharpened will shine more because all of the dullness has been rubbed off its surface. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.” Every step Jesus took, and every Word He spoke was intentional in fulfilling the will of God. You'll witness them follow God's instructions and see the walls of Jericho come crashing down! Superbook DVD Club members have access to watch full-length Superbook episodes online or within the Free Superbook Bible App. Likewise, the light of Christ will shine brighter when our relationship with Him is fresh and current, alive and on “point.”

Superbook whisks the kids off to meet another boy who had to face his own 'giant'. Lütfen Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı dikkatlice inceleyiniz. Yes, God knows us inside and out, He looks at our heart, when people only see the outside. We need God’s wisdom and direction! Chris is hooked on becoming the most powerful “god” in an online game. Superbook is operated by CBN UK (Charity Number: 110 1659). He showed us how to be blessed in God’s Kingdom. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see Abraham and Isaac face an extraordinary test of faith. (Exodus), A Giant Adventure (David versus Goliath) and many more! Chris thinks he can never be forgiven until he witnesses the end of the world.

Includes special editions of "The Test!" After watching Paul's tireless persistence during his missionary travels, Joy returns to an international relief project filled with the Spirit that no hardship will stop her. Third Day share why spending time reading the Bible is important to their faith. Superbook takes them back in time when God created multiple languages. Before getting even, Superbook takes Joy back in time to witness miracles performed by Elisha against the Syrian army. Saul was eager to kill the Lord's followers. Chris is arguing with his mom, Phoebe. After Chris offhandedly remarks that the family nativity scene is just another decoration like a reindeer or Santa's elves, Superbook whisks off our heroes on a journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas! You can now hide this message or find out more about cookies. How can one person make a difference? Know what this is about? Where can he get some inspiration? God will always help you stand up for what is right. Jesus tells Matthew to follow him and become his disciple. It had to be—it was a house for the Lord! Chris defies his mother until he sees Jesus suffer, die, and rise again.

After seeing how Rahab helped the Israeli spies, Joy learns that those who seem like enemies can get along and find common ground. Superbook takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo and Phoebe (Chris' mom) back in time, for an encounter with Jesus' mother Mary during the time of her son's crucifixion. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see Lucifer rebel in heaven, then tempt Adam and Eve in Eden. And because they love Me, My Father will love them. Overcome any difficulty and doubt by trusting in God. The message of the love of Christ for each of us. Should he follow her instructions anyway? When Chris returns home, he decides to leave judgment to God. Jesus teaches the Pharisees about humility by sharing a parable. Matthew:10:30 says that the very hairs on our head are all numbered. The Lord tells Abraham not to touch Isaac. Jonah is running away from God because he doesn't think the people of Ninevah deserve God's mercy. Gideon tells soldiers that are too frightened to fight to go back to their homes. Jesus came to James and John and told them to follow Him and be fishers of people! Discover God's love and plan for you. Everything is naked and exposed before His eyes, and He is the one to whom we are accountable.” Chris doesn't want to do yardwork for his Aunt Isabel. We can sharpen others as we closely follow Jesus. Chris can’t understand why his mom is sending him to so many different stores. Superbook takes the kids off to an adventure where they meet Daniel and King Darius in the land of Babylon. Chris has promised to write a new song for the church’s Christmas program, but he’s out of ideas. Chris is excited that his team will compete in a championship using the robot he designed—until he’s told not to go! After watching Paul's tireless persistence during his missionary travels, Joy returns to an international relief project filled with the Spirit that no hardship will stop her. Includes special editions of "Naaman and the Servant Girl" and "Lazarus," plus special features. Chris is tempted to play a violent video game that his parents have forbidden. This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see how God gives His laws to protect and bless people.

The people of Israel repent and declare that the Lord is God after God incinerates the altar.

Paul dictates a letter for Timothy from his prison cell in Rome. God doesn’t have favorites—salvation is for everyone! After returning, Chris, with God's wisdom, solves the challenges. The final battle between good and evil and the defeat of Satan! Dan saya sudah mendapatkan ijin dari orang tua saya untuk menggunakan website ini.

The King of Kings becomes the servant of all. Superbook takes them back in time to learn what it means to become fishers of men. Includes special editions of "Esther—For Such a Time as This" and "The Fiery Furnace!" King Xerxes makes a decree to help the Jews. In Matthew:28:18-20, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. The key is not only hearing the Word, but also acting on it. Building 429 Interview for Superbook Radio. © Copyright 2020 The Christian Broadcasting Network. John wrote the Gospel of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, and Revelation. "Come forth! Chris is mortified and doesn't know what he'll say to his father. Joy then decides not to get even with Barbara. To Joy's surprise, Principal Travis offers Sharon mercy instead of demanding justice. By using the Superbook website, you accept our use of cookies. Jesus found Philip in Galilee and said, “Come, follow Me.” Philip found Nathanael and told him to come see Jesus for Himself! Watch Superbook full episodes from the Emmy nominated animated series on CBN's Superbook Kids website! Chris wonders if his mom believes in God, but he can’t talk to her about that—or can he? You can now hide this message or find out more about cookies. Matthew left his livelihood and immediately followed Jesus. Şimdi bu mesajı kapatabilir veya Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı okuyabilirsiniz. She knows he really needs forgiveness and salvation, but good people like her are fine—or are they? When we obey Jesus, it is always the best choice. Superbook takes Joy, Chris and Gizmo to Rome during Nero’s cruel reign. The Promised Land—full of good things to eat ... and giants!

Shortly after their nets went down, they were filled with fish, to the point of tearing and the boats were on the verge of sinking!


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