the other guys tuna vs lion scene script
And guess what? Our moms used to rub their stomachs together when they were pregnant with us. He has a show on YouTube where he rides this rocking horse and talks to fake enemies. I toyed around with the idea of chronicling my 29th year and after some encouragement from friends I decided to take a chance. Get your answers by asking now. Lets go get some more lion.’ This is about justice. Let's go get some more lion.' JED: I’m in town for… Please make your quotes accurate.

It’s got to be a goal, Eric! Categories: My Everyday Life Tags: If I were a lion and you were a tuna, lion tastes good, lion v tuna dialogue, lion v tuna written, movie spoiler, other guys dialogue, other guys food chain, other guys lion, other guys tuna, Then I'd bang your tuna girlfriend, you lose that battle 9 times out of 10

And said, 'ou know what?' ENVY: Okay, I’m jealous. (The camera pans over to reveal Envy in the store, standing in front of a poster of herself, wearing the exact same outfit as the image of herself and striking the exact same pose.)

The stage directions are mine and not the authors’.

You’re outgunned and outmanned. Adam Lang was and is an old friend of mine. NIC: And you know that you can be open with us about anything.

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'We've developed a systemo establish a beachhead and aggressively hunt you and your family. You gotta be kidding me! ASHLYNN: Oh no, I meant eighth grade-style crying. You have the right to remain silent.

SEAN (takes a breath): A Stanford MBA named Roy Raymond wants to buy his wife some lingerie, but he’s too embarrassed to shop for it in a department store. That’s why she looks familiar to you. Wreak havoc? Just Capt. JULES: What? What kind of woman would slow roast a dogs asshole, and serve it to her husband? Please notify me if you encounter a stale link. You people think of Muslims runnin’ around the mountains with guns and bombs. If I were a lion and you were a tuna I would swim out into the middle of the ocean and friggin eat you! SCOTT: You left me for that cocky pretty boy. Coming up against a full-grown 800-pound tuna with his 20 or 30 friends? (She leaves.) NIC (thrown off her rhythm): Well, first I have to say that we rarely watch that movie. Anything you do or say can be used umm. have been largely hits in my book and I just rewatched 2010’s The Other Guys with my brother the other night and remembered how much I liked it. You just lost in your own game. pop, where does chocolate milk come from? MODERATOR: But they do exist, don’t they? Gamble: First of all, a lion?

What the VCs want is to say, “Good idea, kid. SID: As your attorney, I strongly advise you not to travel to any country that recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. I know a lot don’t, but I think he’s hysterical and way more talented, a lot of the time, than the material he takes. LASER: Yeah. I'm assuming off the coast of South Africa. Movie Description NYPD detectives Christopher Danson (Johnson) and P.K.

And then l'd bang your tuna girlfriend. MARK: Yes. ADAM: And that’s it? And we will corner you and your, your pride, your children.”, “We will construct a series of breathing apparatus with kelp! CANTONA: It wasn’t a goal.

/ We are the martyrs, / You’re just smashed tomatoes.” (shouts) Allahu akbar!

I am a peacock!

Also, the best comedies from the past are just as well-made as the best dramas. And we will corner your pride, your children, your offspring.

lf we were in the wild, l would attack you.Even if you weren't in my food chain, l would go out of my way to attack you.lf l were a lion, and you were a tuna, l would swim out in the middle of the ocean and freaking eat you! HASSAN: Yeah, mashallah! If not, we are lost.

When you see someone like me, you think “bomber,” right? You’d better pack one for yourself. Maybe we would eat you! ENVY: Maybe you will see him. Who wants some Arnie Palmies? Holtz: If I were a lion, I would hunt you. BARRY (pointing at Hassan): He’s being rendered! Are you a big man? Nowhere is this better exemplified than in this scene where Wahlberg’s character tries to chew out his partner and is rebutted with one of the greatest absurdist rants in recent memory. You’ll look as if you’re America’s whipping boy, running crying home to Daddy. The script is credited to Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, but this scene is heavily improvised by the actors, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.

No way! You know, the whole evil ex-boyfriend thing… SCOTT: So I can just get my coffee over here? Otherwise, he would never go for you if he was tall. You idiot! AURA (looking through the window): Charlotte! We can get you in to see the Speaker of the House at lunchtime and have a photo op with the Secretary of State in the afternoon. The Other Guys Scene Tuna vs Lion Scene Vote . AURA: Actually a big fan of your work on the YouTube. Do you wake up in the mornin' and say, "I'm puttin on my big boy pants. (He hangs up the phone, leaves the booth, and walks into the store, which is only a few feet away.) AURA: Mm-hmm. You’ve wandered into a school of tuna and we now have a taste of lion! NIC: Forget the setup, who’s Paul? Its supposed to be, “We will be able to TRAP certain amounts of OXYGEN.”. I don't like you.

Let’s go get some more lion!” We’ve developed a system to establish a beachhead and aggressively hunt you and your family. I feel like I should go. BISHOP: It’s funny, innit? MRS. PORTMAN: Becca is a lovely girl, and I’m sure a lot of boys notice her. Put on a little jacket, you go, you take you lunch cause you have big boy pants on?

ASHLYNN: Yeah. This is a once-in-a-generation “holy shit” idea. Please notify me if you encounter a stale link.

Lion tastes good! ANDRA: That’s good. So I have wanted to hear this scene on repeat now since first seeing the movie. That will give us enough time to figure out where you live, go back to the sea, get more oxygen and then stalk you. This is an early scene from The Other Guys, where disgraced NYPD detective Holtz has just been mismatched with forensic accountant Gamble, and the male trash talk goes to surreal extremes — the last line couldn’t be more appropriate. In a democracy? Eugene is driving, while the two old women are in the back. CONNIE: Either crimes against humanity or war crimes.

Not something that lasts all day, but fourty five minutes, hour and a half. The cucumber accents the water in such a way. Girl I loved in high school was with the co-captain of the varsity lacrosse team, and I wanted to take her from him. Like straight-up, eighth grade-style grinding. A ballet of emotion, and feelings.. "If you don't shut up, I'll cut your ear off with a butter knife!".

You feel that Allen? IT'S CHRISTINITH!! Here’s a taste of why. He’s being rendered! SID: Connie?

Collaborate with others to annotate & explain the things you love. Gene , I dont have a kiddie show, it sounds creepy.

It’s a goal. The opening scene has been justly celebrated, but there’s lots of other well-written bits as well, like this exchange in a nightclub as Napster co-founder Sean Parker tries to woo Mark Zuckerberg to his vision of what Facebook should be. My Favorite Scene: The Other Guys (2010) “Lions vs. Tuna” July 21, 2015 sleeplessdave 3 Comments Dissecting what makes people laugh pretty much ruins any humor you’re trying to examine.

This time, you’re gonna hand ’em a business card that reads, “I’m CEO, bitch!” That’s what I want for you. Hey, Hey, Hey you shut your face! This is about making sure every political leader knows that when they make a decision, they will be held to account by international law. Clip Description Terry (Mark Wahlberg) confronts Allen (Will Ferrell) letting him know that he doesn't like him and thinks he is a fake cop. It’s like trying to pin mercury down. Listen! My favorite Will Ferrell moment is when he appears at the end of the LEGO Movie. CANTONA: No. I love Will Ferrell. SCOTT: Yeah. Let’s get political for a second. All rights reserved.

They’re interrupted by a Muslim heckler named Hassan. She went to fifth grade there.

Synopsis: Terry Hoitz's past mistakes in the line of duty and Allen Gamble's reluctance to take risks have landed them the roles of the "Other Guys", disgraced New York City police detectives relegated to filling out paperwork for cocky hero cops Danson and Highsmith. NIC: What do you mean, once? Twenty-foot waves? ANDRA: A lot of people were jealous of me. Not a lot. BARRY: Well, first off, I object to the term “training camps.” ANDRA: Mine’s not good.

It’s very similar, in a way, to what scares you: it does or it doesn’t.

Until my mum got into Landmark Forum and Tony Robbins and ran off to Wyoming and opened a really dumb bed-and-breakfast.


Just ’cause I’m a Muslim, you thought it was real. Dig deep inside. ANDRA (to Rebecca): See? ADAM: That’s rather sweeping. Still have questions?

How do you think about the answers? ANDRA (defensive): What did I say? Lions don’t even like water.

We will be able to trap certain amounts of oxygen. You think we’re all bombers, don’t you? SID: No, they’ll both say that the meetings were fixed weeks ago. we've talked to ourselves. outmanned.

Lions don't like water. It hits your chest, it hits the floor, it’s on its way up.

with his 20 or 30 friends? I think I'll take a walk. (She turns the volume back up on the TV. Marky – “Even if you weren’t in my food chain, I would go out of my way to attack you. (stunned silence from both moms) You knew The Social Network would be on this list, so let’s get it out of the way.

You can upload anything that interests you, Enhance your text with annotations & notes, Improve any text by working together with other annotators. I don't remember a movie where Meg Ryan meets a guy with poison ivy up his ass. It’s not gonna be days at a time, but an hour? When are you gonna get the operation? Damnit, Bob! (He takes off his hoodie, revealing an explosive device strapped to his body. JULES: Yeah, okay. NIC (lying her ass off): No! You lose that battle nine times out of ten. This is not a quote, but a recollection. If you touch him one more time, I'll beat you with Allen's head. You lose that battle.

CANTONA: No, it’s true. Even if you weren't in my food chain, l would go out of my way to attack you. Look, I’m having a meltdown or whatever. You lose that battle. (tapping sound on the store window) But I stopped myself, because my pops taught me that a man who talks behind somebody’s back is a coward.

But you find yourself in the ocean, 20-foot wave. lf you'd placed it near a river or some sort of fresh water source, that'd make sense.But you find yourself in the ocean, 20-foot waves, l'm assuming it's off the coast of South Africa,coming up against a full-grown, 800-pound tuna with his 20 or 30 friends? "A lion, really? And then, I'd bang your tuna girlfriend, When I saw know what I said to myself? An hour? ENVY (indicating her): So that’s Ramona.

Something makes you laugh or it doesn’t. (Ashlynn crawls across the mattress and out the window, onto the fire escape.) JULES (warming to the subject): Well, you would think that, but in these movies they hire two straight women to pretend, and the inauthenticity… lf l were a lion, and you were a tuna, l would swim out in the middle of the ocean and freaking eat you! ADAM: Are you saying I can’t leave the United States? Typically, Scott can actually see the black bars. Is it "Peter Pan and Jane" from Return to Never Land (2002) or "Tarzan and Jane" from Tarzan (1999)? No offence Bob.

CHARLOTTE: That’s really great, but you have to come with me. I’m assuming it’s off the coast of South Africa. We will be able to trap certain amounts of oxygen. AURA: Oh my God, I think I know who that is. SID: Well, if it’s any comfort, you’re in no jeopardy if you stay here, among friends. Who's your favorite Disney Duo and why? we've developed a system to establish a beachhead and aggressively hunt, you and your family.


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