twisted wonderland guide

Campaign and Story Login bonus will stack with the General Login bonus during the event period.

Please be sure to check [個人情報の取り扱いについて] and Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page.

There are four categories of items in-game: Consumable Items, Upgrade Items, Unique Items, and Other Items.

Recovers all 5 BP. Select "OK" to continue. Disney Twisted-Wonderland game app size: 165.3MB (772.16MB while downloading) After installing the app enter the player name and hero’s name to start the game.

SSR cards will only activate Duo Magic with their compatible character, but all cards of that character are eligible, on that same turn. Event Stories are unlocked by playing the events only.

At the Card Shop (Madol), second to the bottom button, you can purchase R cards using madols.

Tap the black button to confirm the action. Hay Day Pop Guide : Best Tips & Strategies to progress Fast in the game, Evil Hunter Tycoon guide: Tips to progress fast in the game. Free shipping for many products! ※ You cannot receive the notification if the notification is turned off on the device settings. Here are the options: Row 1: Prioritized Feature (Team Balance - HP - ATK) Tap the purple "Password Setting" button to create and change your password! To change your HOME Character and Background, tap the Gear icon from the HOME screen. Tap START to begin the lesson.

In addition, the attribute of this work is a total of 4 types of 3 freezing of fire, water, and wood + no attribute.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR Game Review : Worth to Download?

The schedule for the characters and book elements of each day, up to five days in advance, can be checked by tapping the calendar icon on the top-right corner. Read the card's personal stories by clicking STORY from the Home screen and tap the middle tab on the right side. ), You can purchase useful items in the game, such as magical keys and enhancement items. Red & Blue Notes — If you forget which color to tap left or right for, the colors are depicted at the bottom of your screen. Strengthening a card's Card Lv will increase its HP and ATK. Welcome to the unofficial English wiki for the Disney game, Twisted-Wonderland! You and your opponent will alternate between turns, and you’ll win if you satisfy the victory conditions. To cancel the friend request, tap the gray "Cancel Request" button.

These items can be obtained by participating in Lessons, purchased in the SHOP, and by completing missions.

When Leveling-up a card, there is a chance that the amount of experience gained will increase: (*Multiplier is based on estimates by comparing initial and final Exp gain. (Fairy bells, Bow Ties, and Necklaces). During the maintenance period, players cannot access the game until the maintenance is complete. Each card has several different parameters to level up.

Duo Magic adds an additional attack to an SSR's Magic 2 skill. The tapping area instructions can also be found on the menu.

You can search for other players by tapping the fourth tab. These indicate a Rythmic or Magic Battle as you read through the story. This work requires a long reroll time (tutorial) and is not very efficient. Element typing that you can use in the battle against an opponent with advantages, disadvantages, or none.

There are 3 types of battles you can encounter which each have different victory conditions to be met. Cumulative/Achievement Missions Translated.

You can use items to increase the results of the lesson. For your ease of access, the wiki team has compiled a tutorial to help you get started. Emergency maintenance will occur when there are issues/changes with the game app after a major release or updates. Quote. Each character has a special chat and assignments for the player to complete after a lesson.

You can select how much BP to consume from 1 BP or All BP. (View Rhythmic Settings in Others for more info). You can turn off or on the voice of the characters. A Character Pick-up Summon banner will appear when opening MIRROR: Tapping either arrow buttons will show a Normal Summon Banner.

R cards will increase up to Lv60, SR cards to Lv80, and SSR cards to Lv100 max.

Text. Grid View List View. Cannot be used when there is maximum BP. The requirements depend on the card’s rarity: Once a card is grooved, you could switch illustrations through the character's Card Profile. Each card has two types of magic attributes.

Filter by post type. Ask. Twisted Names can be duplicated and can be changed later, so you can use any suitable name when you are in rerolling.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland gacha is divided into pickup summon gacha and normal summon gacha.

※ Please use Japan Standard Time (JST) as the device time to receive the notification at the correct time.

Cannot be used when there is maximum AP.

Gaming Setting | Gaming Tips | Gaming News | Gaming Reviews and Upcoming New Games – All About Gaming You need to Known. The area you need to tap on the screen depends on the note’s color. It is very useful to keep track of the gauge to complete a character's Lesson Tasks (.

Video. (View Adjustment Settings for Note Tap Timing info.). After completing the tutorial, Twist will be able to acquire magical keys used in gacha (summoning) and star fragments to recover AP.

(Backgrounds can be obtained in Cumulative Missions and purchased in SHOP.). And then tap START to begin the lesson. Categories marked in red are mandatory to fill out.


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