vala mal doran

It was through the use of one of the devices discovered in Avalon which led Daniel and Vala to contact humans in a distant galaxy. Thanks to a distraction created by Mitchell, Vala was able to repair the hyperdrive by jamming a crystal into the control panel and the Odyssey escaped. About three months after they enter the time-dilation field, Daniel and Vala discuss their relationship, realize their love for each other, and remain together during the fifty years. There have been a few examples to suggest he feels the same way, such as rescuing her instead of grabbing Adria (which Vala herself told him he should've done) which would have given the SGC a valuable prisoner. While the ever-growing Lucian Alliance attempts to recruit her, Vala puts together an Ocean's Eleven-style team of freelancers (though her team numbers around 5 people) to help her track down a mysterious sentient plant believed to be a source of great power. ISBN-13 Vala Mal Doran. 2,760 likes.

Život. After analyzing what happened, Lt. They tracked the ships locator beacon to a planet with ties to the Alliance.

Summary. After Daniel was captured by Adria, she was determined to find him. Ironically, the Vala in main timeline assumes something like this must have happened, but when Teal'c refuses to elaborate on the details, she begins guessing everyone except Daniel. Whether or not she got all of her memories back as a result of his appearance was unclear, but she at the very least got enough back that she trusted him enough to take her to the SGC where Doctor Lam was able to help her regain all of her lost memories.
At Lt. Dynamite Entertainment Adria was somehow distracted by Morgan Le Fay and left. Release date At some point, she was taken as a host to the Goa'uld Qetesh, who was a rival to Ba'al. Vala used the ship's Phantom vessel generator to confuse the ships and then the Pulse wave generator to disable the ship that were chasing them and enter hyperspace. She was chained in the Ara for three whole days without food and water, but Tomin cut her free. Stargate: Vala Mal Doran is a comic book trade paperback collecting issues one to four of the Vala Mal Doran backstory comics, which was published by Dynamite Entertainment.. Publishers Summary Edit. However, the people who had been enslaved by Qetesh didn't understand that she was only Qetesh's host and tortured her, until she was eventually freed once again by the Tok'ra. They figure out the puzzle and find an Ancient Long-range communication device that supposedly can help them communicate with other people.

Her plans were thwarted by Daniel Jackson, who managed to overcome her and recover the ship. Her plans were thwarted by Daniel Jackson, who managed to overcome her and recover the ship. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran on the Plains of Celestis. Vala is killed by The Administrator, then brought back to life by a Prior. Once there, they find Adria and it is revealed that she implanted the dream in Vala to lure her to the planet. They revive him and he agrees to help them build the Sangraal but Merlin's body had deteriorated too much during that time, and his memories were downloaded into Daniel. Brandon Jerwa, Cezar Razek She forces SG-1 to help her find the Sangraal. Reblog. Vala Mal Doran was a space-faring thief and former host to the Goa'uld Qetesh who tried to hijack the Prometheus and sell it for weapons grade naquadah. 1606901532 Daniel and Vala are both taken to the Ori City of Celestis. Vala learned from Adria about her true nature and intent: she was the nearest thing to an Ori in flesh in blood, has great mental powers and knowledge, and is the leader of the Ori's crusade in the Milky Way. She and Tomin planned to spend the rest of their lives making up for the terrible things they did. (SG1: "Beachhead"), Vala was found and nursed back to health by Tomin, who believed that the Ori had sent her to him. Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black — Stargate SG-1) Season 8. This title collects issues numbered 1-4, along with a complete cover gallery.

She escaped from the ship's brig and disappeared into the vastness of space inside an al'kesh in which she had used to entrap the Prometheus crew, but she appeared to have developed affection for Daniel during her time alone with him on the ship. This sometimes gets to the point where she assumes it is necessary when it really isn't, such as when she is required to take a psychiatric evaluation and she gives fake answers in an attempt to avoid being "tricked". In the end, the desperate and dying people embraced the Ori and were cured, although they did allow Vala to go free. They reject what the followers of Origin are telling them, and are both sentenced to be killed by fire. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. She was not in fact Qetesh's host at the time, though—she went to the world shortly after the Tok'ra removed Qetesh, and she then impersonated him, convincing the people of the outpost that she was a god, and ruled over the people there, who gave her many treasures. Daniel managed to rescue Vala from the Ori warship, but Vala had to leave Adria behind. (SG1: "Prometheus Unbound"). Back to top. Once in orbit, they were surrounded by Lucian Alliance ships. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c to pose as Bounty hunters and hand over Vala and Daniel to Jup and Tenat. Author

Upon first meeting, Vala Mal Doran hijacked the Prometheus, which was traveling to Atlantis, wearing Kull armor. 120 Dr. Bill Lee theorized that the Kor mak bracelets and the Long-range communication device may have had an effect on each other. During negotiations they were attacked by a group of Al'kesh and Death Gliders belonging to Ba'al, and Daniel realized that he needed Vala's help to overcome the assault, so they worked together. Colonel Cameron Mitchell take the communication device and throw it into the unstable vortex of an activating Stargate, thus vaporizing it and bringing Daniel and Vala back to their own bodies just before they can be burned. Much of Vala's early life is unknown. Eventually, Daniel was able to fight back and regain control of the ship, throwing Vala in the brig. 2006.07.13.

SG-1 + happy/sad. She previously made her living trading, stealing, and selling things, and though she provided weapons to shady characters, she was always something of a morally conscious arms dealer. Season 9. Vala has a tendency to lie and trick people in an attempt to get her way. Just as she was about to tell them what she knew about how the ships worked, Tomin destroyed the device and killed Seevis and Denya.

Either way, it appears that Vala does listen to Daniel because she is looking for his approval.


She was raised by her father Jacek and her stepmother, Adria. They devised a plan that required Lt. Vala gave birth to a daughter whom she named Adria.

It has been noted by Gen Landry and Col Mitchell that Vala only ever listens to Daniel Jackson; this causes some problems when he isn't around, as she tends to improvise strategy or create her own rather than follow the planned one. She distracted Adria, allowing Daniel to activate the Ark. Although Vala had the choice to return with him, she chose to stay on Earth saying that while she didn't know her place in life, she hoped it was on Earth with SG-1.


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