van halen live 1978 full concert

Van Halen opened for Journey and Montrose as early as April 14, 1978 (Will Rogers Theater, Fort Worth , TX) I was there and met them with a friend who got backstage passes from Peaches Records where he worked. And as great as VH was back then, they were part of a scene that included many others of their caliber. Guitar icon Eddie Van Halen passed away on Oct. 6 after a “long and arduous” battle with cancer, according to his son, Wolfgang Van Halen. A million 50-somethings can relate to this video when we were tweenagers (I was 14/15 when Van Halen broke into the music scene).

On this special night, Van Halen owned the stage. Listen. The tour covered mainly North America with 124 shows in the United States and two shows in Canada, 39 shows in Europe, and nine shows in Japan. Throughout the tour Van Halen was mostly a supporting act. Your source for music news, rock & roll, and celebrities. I hope YouTube doesn’t take this video down. But he did say that they each member had an equal share of royalties up until Michael Anthony mysteriously signed away his portion. I hope YouTube doesn’t take this video down. What a time to be alive. Here you hear a young and hungry Eddie Van Halen talking about the new album coming out (VH... Van Halen live bootleg from 5/22/1978. Then maybe you’ll stop watching after a few minutes. I was at the Whisky to see Eddie Money when Michelle Myers — the club’s booker — grabbed me by the arm and said, “There’s somebody you have to meet. VH hired 4 skydivers to jump out of a plane. – Skyko, This is what rock concerts use to be like…no distractions from exterior stuff. The band also performed a handful of smaller, headlining gigs as well as taking part in several festivals including The Texxas Jam, The Mississippi River Jam and Bill Graham's Day on the Green Festival ** Denotes Opening Act for VH. Listen to this GREAT sounding audio recording of the entire concert, below. Gotta be sick. But I’m sure we all agree it’s freakin’ sad that young people don’t know what the power of this kind of music is all about. Anybody at this show watching it live back then no doubt walked away having collective thoughts that this group of characters was going to be world-wide huge for a long time! Thanks for the clarification. On this day in 1978, Van Halen played the Manchester Apollo in Manchester, England May 22, 1978.

Met Steve Perry, Ainsley Dunbar, everyone in VH, and saw everyone who played that night. – Justin Hyers, I saw them open for Sabbath in 78. .. the first 6 pack gets lots of spins in there... whistle while you work I say. I've been in a weird fog before over losing people I admire. Look online and you can find a lot of their bootleg tapes from even earlier than that. That Sept show with Boston and Sammy (Montrose) wasn’t their first time to meet.

Original logo VH shirt at And drummer Alex Van Halen is holding it all together keeping  great time. Sabbath was blown off the stage.

I wish he’d sing the lyrics! Click here to see Van Halen’s triumphant return to Fresno in 1979 as headliners. 12 Great Heavy Metal Albums From The 80's That Are Under The Radar (Part 1), Eddie Van Halen and The Band At Their Peak, Live -1979, Rare 8mm Van Halen Concert Film Footage From 1978. I wish I could’ve grown up back then. – Roy Kilbourn, Like millions of kids in the late 70’s early 80’s, I wanted to have a band like this! If there's a photo you want credited or removed, please let me know: I have all the David Lee Roth era LPs and still listen to Van Halen. Makes me appreciate the 1st album even more. LOL – 1Adam12. Disclaimer: VHND is not affiliated with Van Halen, Edward Van Halen or ELVH, Inc. It was life changing – Rob Foam, The amount of energy, creativity, raw talent, quality of song writing and arrangement, aggressive playing, virtuosity, and pure showmanship exhibited here is almost overwhelming to watch. RIP EVH. The resources and documents presented here are strictly for archival purposes only. 1977 I think. David Lee Roth, what can we say? What is the attraction to Van Halen? I remember watching Eddie and thinking it was fake because nobody plays a guitar with their picking hand on the fret board.

I was more of a RUSH fan at the time, with emphasis on Neil Peart’s drumming, but until then had never been so impressed with an electric guitar sound, ok maybe Jimmy Page, but really Eddie VH’s sound was a game changer.

Your email address will not be published. To see the guys on the rise like that had to be downright spectacular to put it mildly. While I like Van Halen, I’m not an uberfan. Edward had raised the bar. Location: Largo, MD On this day in 1978, Van Halen performed Bill Graham’s Day on the Green Festival in Oakland, California. Van... Van Halen live on 8/25/1981 in Greensboro, NC. The concerts around the 70’s and 80’s look sooooo badass. On this special night, Van Halen owned the stage. Great music with rock band’s wanting to impress you in concert with their music and energy. Unseen For 41 Years – Highlights From A Van Halen Concert At Fresno’s Selland Arena, Friday, September 22, 1978. It was surreal, to say the least. Personally, or from afar. It sucks. But this one is sticking with me.

So thank you FresnoMediaRestoration for putting together audio with this 8mm film footage to come up with 20 minutes of live Van Halen in their prime. I saw the one about the unreleased material. Venue: Super... (Dec 28 is a guesstimate for date) We live in an age of cultural and musical stupidity.

Edward had a great stage presence in tune–pun intended with an Introvert blessed with virtuoso guitar skills. Besides the virtuosity and innovativeness of Eddie Van Halen, it’s probably because the band built up a huge following through touring, putting on extravaganzas and releasing unique, catchy kick-ass rock albums. Anyway finally got to see them live at the Seattle Center Coliseum on Saturday April 5th 1980 for 9 bucks on the floor center stage. This story would have to be deleted as well. Kicked every guitarist in the ass. Van Halen live on 8/6/1978 at the Oklahoma Jam. It was cool working on it with Kenny in the garage It was a new style of music. Thanks for putting this online. Had a date with Michael Anthony to buy some boots here in FW, he called at 8:30 the next morning and told us the bus was leaving. Seeing Van Halen as openers for Black Sabbath, trying to win over an audience is unique in itself. Source: Soundboard bootleg But while Eddie Van Halen may be gone, another legend taken by the scourge of cancer, his playing lives on — and some newly-unearthed VH live footage from 1978 … Listen. Total shock at what we heard. 41 years after it occurred, here is Van Halen LIVE in concert only seven months after the release of their first album. Edit: I just read the Coverdale story. A typical manager might take 20 per cent, so in a 4-piece they are payed as much as the talent. Thanks. Everyone is watching and listening to the band. I have all the David Lee Roth era LPs and still listen to Van Halen. But live, I always thought of Roth as a great front-man, rather than a great singer. Holy crap. It’s surprising they ever made it big. Thanks to a very clever rock concert enthusiast, who smuggled in his 8mm film camera, we are able to relive this night, “…Live in front of your naked steaming eyes!” Note: Some of the Fresno ’78 footage was available online previously. Roboto’ and His Awaited New Solo Album, ’26 East, Vol. At 174 shows total over a 10-month period, the tour was one of the band’s most extensive overall. Your email address will not be published. – billymac72, Watching classic rock videos makes me even more depressed about the future of music and society as a whole. Yeah I kinda forgot myself, no foul, when I heard of Eddie's passin' when I was on YT, I went and put on Respect the Wind by Eddie and Alex. Great quality although a little fuzzy at times.

On September 22nd, 1978, Van Halen performed at the Selland Arena in Fresno, California. Bassist and harmony singer Michael Anthony is confident and steady. ", Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye surprised early voters in NYC recently with a busked performance of "People Have the Power. Columbus, Ohio (3/16/1978). Date: 5/1/1980 The 1978 World Tour was the first concert tour by hard rock band Van Halen. ... Patti Smith + Lenny Kaye Sing 'People Have the Power' for NYC Voters, Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email, Watch Some Electrifying Live Footage of Van Halen in 1978 via Newly-Surfaced 8MM Video. Featuring audio from a show in Fresno on Sept. 22, 1978 paired with 8mm video taken from a show in Portland six days later, this footage is a real treat, capturing VH slamming through an electrifying rendition of “I’m the One,” among other material: Here’s a slightly grainier and fuzzy — but with crystal-clear audio — footage of Eddie shredding “Eruption” at what looks like that same Fresno gig: Eddie had a stage presence unlike any other, and it comes through with these epic archival performance clips. They’re young and hungry and it shows. They started the year opening for Montrose and Journey and then for Black Sabbath, however, they headlined shows in Europe and Japan. Below the footage I’ve quoted some of the better YouTube comments. 45:4214) Summertime Blues 50:00 (The Who cover)15) Symptom Of The Universe 53:40 (Black Sabbath instrumental cover)16) Bottoms Up! Guitarist Eddie Van is blazing on all cylinders. For another salute to EVH, here’s the final Van Halen concert, from the Hollywood Bowl in 2015: And, finally, click here to read writer Steve Rosen’s affectionate 2014 Behind the Curtain piece on his friendship with Eddie over the years. - YouTube Crank it! I get it now. – Hannah S, I remember telling a friend to go see them after he was blown away by the album, the only thing he said after– “I really didn’t think he could play note for note and make those sounds he put on the record, amazing, he’s the real deal!” – the artist, I gotta say, I’m not a Van Halen fan. We Appreciate the comment.

Solid A quality on this audio. 1978 – Fresno, CA @ Selland Arena. The... Van Halen live on 8/6/1978 at the Oklahoma Jam. Today’s top 10 is just silly. 2014 Remaster. One More Time Next day we bought the Van Halen album. For a large band they can be the highest paid member. At 174 shows total over a 10-month period, the tour was one of the band’s most extensive overall. Article written about VH in their early days, this comes from Sounds magazine, May 13, 1978. Van Halen live bootleg from 9/22/1978 in Fresno, CA at the Selland Arena. Atomic Punk Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love : 120 min. This site is not affiliated with Van Halen, their management or record label.


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