when did lan wangji fall in love
However, the Lan clan’s Chord Assassination Technique they plan to use to bring the beast down works best if members of the Lan clan are. Wei Wuxian makes a lantern that he intends to release with Lan Wangji with a rabbit on it. I realy hope we could. [20], Lan Xichen was at most a few years older than Lan Wangji, [21] and due to their similar looks, they were known as the Twin Jades of the Gusu Lan Sect. is the story of Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) & Lan Wangji (Wang Yibo), two young cultivators that fall in love in ancient China. He did not intend to lure Jin ZiXuan to be killed by Wei WuXian (though he did intended to kill him) and he was also shocked when he learned that Wen Ning was the one who killed Jin ZiXuan. Wei Wuxian agrees, trying to placate drunk Lan Wangji.

I did really love this drama..umm actuly both novel n drama looked nice and good even tbe drama not showing love part.. but every time they togather there showing romantic in LWJ x WWX part..and i really love it even they never says love.. in they eyes they aleredy told us…they both inlove towards each other. Lan Wangji is adamant though, Wei Wuxian is not allowed to touch the headband. The Author said that he didn’t tie the knot yet was all because of his unfavourable character (he talk less but once he did he is rude, a bit harsh, tempramental, hate to lose even as Wei Ying’s cutsleeve favourable type, plus tsundere). If the symbolism of the bowing isn’t enough to convey the relationship, Jiang Cheng’s words are. Note: while Lan Wangji tells Wei Wuxian the name of the song is WangXian, its official release title is actually Wuji. The current leader is Jiang Cheng.

There are no physical exchanges between the characters, nor are there any verbal exchanges that solidify the characters as being in love, but it’s very clear that they are. I’m on episode 35 of the Netflix series and I’ve loved every minute of it from the beginning. [Mo Dao Zu Shi] Interview With The Author. The Author stated that Xiao XingChen and Xue Yang’s relationship was just normal relationship.

The tune is, in fact, the same as the theme song to the show, which kicks in a few seconds later. How Did Wei WuXian Became Yiling Patriach? Since it was only earlier that same evening that he’d seen Zhan’s reaction to waking up with him after their intimate encounter, Wei insists that XiChen is mistaken about Zhan’s feelings for him.

GusuLan sect is no good either. Zhan isn’t holding back his “I love you”s in all but the last of those scenes because of censorship – he’s holding it back because he’s already told Wei how he feels, and believes that his feelings are unwelcome. The two of them then proceed to have an incredibly intimate conversation while holding onto each other’s wrists (because they can’t hold hands due to censorship) while everyone in their cultivation society watches them and listens on. After the death of Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji realizes his feelings and is determined to see Wei Wuxian at least once more. [24], Madame Lan passed away when Lan Wangji was only six years old.

They even have their own ‘rabbit God’ of homosexuality, Tu’er Shen. Title 含光君 – Hánguāng-jūn含 hán – to hold光 guāng – light君 jūn – honorific for a gentleman or man or noble character

Lagi sibuk bikin meme di twitter hahaha ((becanda)), Kemarin hbs smoothing cp 119 ((*cough* iya yang panas itu)) tapi ga dipublish krn anu banget dan cuma “spolier” soalnya hasil MTL. Lan XiChen likes to tell Jin GuangYao about his beloved brother, Lan WangJi, when they were still close. Lan Wangji is assisting a very injured Wei Wuxian along in the rain when it becomes apparent they need to stop and rest.

Lan Zhan (蓝湛), courtesy name Wangji (忘机). By the time Lan Wangji uses the headband to bind Wei Wuxian to himself in ep.

Lan Wangji met Wei Wuxian during a mission, he was slowly but surely starting to fall in love with the shameless man, only to find that he had a son -- not knowing that the younger man had adopted him after finding out his parents died from a villian -- he had assumed that he … The Author mentioned that Lan WangJi secretly read longyang in Cloud Recesses and studied hard with them. allowed to touch the headband. =D, 5.

In a tense, but epically beautiful moment, Lan Wangji loudly corrects him, telling everyone that he knew that he was Wei Wuxian in Mo Xuanyu’s body all along.


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