who is the pilgrim in ember's end
My goodness I loved this book SO much! She finds Aunt Jone's tonic and Emma's tonic within her satchel and remembers how she had thought she had seen Master Mills in Akolan, alive and well, after she treated a fatal wound of his with Aunt Jones'. True heroes in dark times. Our Menders.

Jo, Cole, and Heyna spy on the Terralain camp. We also know he possessed mysterious, nigh-magical arrows that flew with such force and accuracy that they could kill multiple enemies with one shot. Evil overlords enslaving and massacring another race that struggles to rise up together? Clingman/On What to Call Green Ember Fans, J.S. Can't wait for more prequels to flush out some more theories! The character whose identity the rest of the characters know at the end but they never say. This was a brilliant and bittersweet ending to such a wonderful story. He also informs Picket that he had witnessed Heather's death by Garten Longtreader's own sword. Clingman/On S.D. Enjoyed this final book in the Green Ember series, and found it to be a fairly satisfying conclusion. (WARNING: This discussion contains SPOILERS. I believe this was made all the more exciting by the fact that I had to read the previous three first to refresh. They discuss attacking First Warren, with Tameth reassuring Naylen of Morbin's trustworthiness in keeping the pact they made with him, also reminding him that Garten Longtreader had sworn the pact on his own niece's blood. One of the Causers' rocks with a message inscribed on it. The end is here. The Pilgrim arrows are just one of the many unique things about him. The word "Then" was removed from the sentence beginning with "Cole was just ahead..."; Jo later shouts "Now" to Cole instead of "Cut it" as in the preview text. ♚This article was, at one point in time, a Featured Article on The Green Ember Wiki's mainpage, meaning that it represents the best of what our community has to offer.♚ Difficult to say... it was told us in Ember's End how his loyalty to the royal family went back a long way, but besides that, I think his character is shrouded in mystery. They are able to break though walls and still hit their target with enough force to demobilize, if not kill it. Wikis. The danger the rabbits were in was SO great.

was added to Heyward's report regarding the preparation of First Warren's defenses.

Who was The Pilgrim in Ember's End? Wilfred tells the council that they would be attacked by the Terralains at dawn, long before their defenses would be ready. I absolutely cried a few times but I can’t imagine a more perfect ending.


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