wholesale jewelry by the dozen
In display tray which tells the month and stone for each ring. There is a limited quantity available of these items. of USD 80 including fashion necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, anklets, jewelry sets, etc. 8 MM wide. Individually packaged and carded. Get 12 genuine turquoise pendants for one low price! True Wholesale Source for Fashion Jewelry! Get 12 assorted genuine gemstone star shaped pendants for one low price!

Bracelets measure 8 1/2 inches long but are fully adjustable to fit all. Get 12 assorted choker necklaces in various styles. $1.50 OR LESS FOR WHOLESALE NECKLACES, WHOLESALE EARRINGS,WHOLESALE BRACELETS,WHOLESALE RINGS AND WHOLESALE FASHION ACCESSORIES.

JewelryBund is always dedicated to serve our wholesale jewelry buyers with the maximum satisfaction. Get yours now, supplies are... Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales.

We firmly believe our success is based on our clients' trust and reliability so we have been constantly commited to supplying the best quality fashion jewelry wholesale & service to maintain long-term business relationships with our valuable buyers and resellers.

In this necklace lot, you will get 6 of each necklace pictured for a total of 12 necklaces.

Pendants average 1 - 2 inches in diameter... Get 12 pieces of gift boxed birthstone jewelry. SammiTrading.com is specialized in Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, Wholesale Fashion Accessory, Wholesale Costume Jewelry, and more at truly affordable wholesale prices.

BUY 1 DOZEN OR 100 DOZEN FOR THE SAME LOW PRICE OF $18 PER DOZEN OR LESS ON MOST JEWELRY! Pendants measure 13MM x 15MM tear drop shape.

You will receive everything from tiaras, head bands, pony tail holders, wraps, barrettes, and much more!

Latest Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Online: Welcome to JewelryMax, the top internet-base fashion wholesaler located near Los Angeles in Southern California USA and established in 2004.

We offer large variety of wholesale fashion jewelry under $1 by the dozen or from one piece with M.O.Q.

with the latest fashion styles by researching wholesale jewelry USA in New York (nyc), Miami and global markets' new fashion trends, so our buyers can always easily find their preferences for buying fashion jewelry wholesale, and most importantly at cheapest guaranteed factory wholesale prices. Sol dby the dozen.

Each dozen will be selected from over 30 available styles so you should get only get one of each charm.

These bracelet bands are black and feature a crocodile embossed design.

Show your support for our troops! Get 12 necklaces for one low price! Pendants measure 19MM x 19MM star shape. Perfect for making your own bracelets - just add charms! Order 2 - 3 dozen and every necklace will be different! Hence, JewelryBund, founded in 2008, dedicates to meet these demands by serving high quality wholesale costume jewelry & fashion accessories cheap and established trustworthy reputations as the best wholesale jewelry supplier in the industry. 12 bracelets for one low price. cheap and established trustworthy reputations as the best wholesale jewelry supplier in the industry.

Browse by Plating, Choose Gold Or Silver & more, Wholesale Jewelry of the Month Subscription Boxes, All Wholesale Jewelry Displays & Supplies, Wholesale Anklets, Body Jewelry, Toe Rings, Wholesale Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry, Assorted Winter Theme Cord Necklaces by the Dozen, Birthstone Jewelry Assortment by the Dozen, Closeout American Flag Tac Pins by the Dozen, Closeout Yellow Ribbon Tac Pins - 12 Pieces, Crocodile Style Bracelet Bands by the Dozen, Crystal Lucky Elephant Necklaces by the Dozen, Inspirational Word Bracelets by the Dozen.

Stock your store with this bulk lot and... Fun rings can be worn on the fingers or toes. This wholesale ring listing consists of 36 gold plated Birthstone rings.all with swarovski Austrian crystal stones.. One size fits all. Individually packaged and... Get 12 Disney key chains for one low price! Assorted styles are brand new, trendy and perfect for the upcoming season! Get 12 pieces of wholesale hair goods for one low price!

Individually packaged and retail carded. Ladybug pins with assorted colors of crystals down their back.

Butterfly pendants are filled woth sparkling crystals in assorted colors. Products $ 0.00 Shipping $ 0.00 Total $ 0.00. Get 12 necklaces for one low price! Finding reliable, professional wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers and distributors thereafter becomes a key for jewelry businesses' success. Wholesale Jewelry Sets, Fashion Jewelry Sets Wholesale Online - Cheap Factory Prices, High Quality with Worldwide Fast Delivery. Get 12 yellow ribbon tac pins on retail card as shown for one blow out price!

Wholesale Fashion Brooches Online, Large Collections at Cheap Factory Wholesale Prices. MOST JEWELRY IN THIS CATEGORY IS $1.50 EACH AND UNDER!! most jewelry in this category is $1.50 each and under!!

Wholesale Necklaces for Wholesale Fashion Necklaces, Wholesale Statement Necklaces at Cheap Wholesale Factory Prices, 10000+ Fashion Styles and Worldwide Fast Shipping.

Wholesale Cheap Baby Jewelry, Kids Jewelry From JewelryBund, High Quality and Fast Delivery Since 2008.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry by the dozen.

We offer large variety of wholesale fashion jewelry under $1 by the dozen or from one piece with M.O.Q.

You will get 12 randomly assorted letters in each dozen... Get 12 bracelets for one low price! Buying wholesale jewelry to sell for profits is acknowledged a great business globally with the trend that more women realize the magic embellishment power of fashion jewelry for beauty.

Wholesale Anklets, Wholesale Fashion Anklets from JewelryBund - High Quality and Fast Delivery. Wholesale Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Store. Every necklace is individually carded and packaged. of USD 80 including fashion necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, anklets, jewelry sets, etc. Cord necklace is 16 inches long with a 1 1/2 inch extender. With our world-class customer service, any questions for cheap wholesale jewelry procurement can be resolved in a fast fashion. Pendants measure 1 1/2 inches long by 1 inch high.

buy 1 dozen or 100 dozen for the same low price of $18 per dozen or less on most jewelry!

Pins are silver plated and measure 2 CM high by 1 1/2 CM wide. Get 12 wholesale charm necklaces for one low price!

women dozen earring set for retail store. Our Unique high quality designs are competitively priced and proven to sell. All rights reserved. Styles are assorted, our choice. Magic B2B is a leading company in China, it provides high quality wholesale fashion jewelry for professional buyers, wholesalers, retailers, shops, etc.

The Most Professional Wholesale Jewelry China & Wholesale Accessories Supplier Online - JewelryBund.com, Popular Products: Fashion Earrings, Statement Necklaces, Wholesale Jewelry Sets, Bracelets & Bangles, Hair Accessories, Rose Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Crystal Jewelry, Baby Jewelry, Fashion Watches, Sunglasses, Makeup Brushes. Wholesale jewelry, costume jewelry, fashions accessories and gift items offered at below wholesale prices.


ALL OF THESE ITEMS ARE ONLY SOLD BY THE DOZEN OR IN LARGER WHOLESALE JEWELRY LOTS. Each necklace is on a black cord necklace, which measures 17 inches long, with a 1 inch extender and lobster claw clasp.

$1.50 or less for wholesale necklaces, wholesale earrings,wholesale bracelets,wholesale rings and wholesale fashion accessories. Adjustable to fit all with invisible rings, each ring has a silver plated initial on it and the letters have crystal accents for an added bit of bling. Name brands as shown. Pendants measure 1 1/2 inches long by 1 inch high.

Get 12 American flag tac pins on retail card as shown for one low, blow out price!

all of these items are only sold by the dozen or in larger wholesale jewelry lots. Materials include metal, ribbon, crystal, and more! Every dozen of necklaces contains an assortment of 12 retail carded necklaces from major retailers across America. Contents1 Stylish wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen2 Types3 Types of products3.1 Brooches3.2 Сhokers3.3 Bracelets3.4 Caffas3.5 Rings3.6 Diadems3.7 Necklaces4 Stylish recommendations5 Advantages Stylish wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen Even today, in the XXI century, residents of many countries, USA among them, believe, that bijouterie is a cheap, often substandard …

Lucky Elephant pendants are filled with sparkling crystals in assorted colors.

Each pin measures 1 1/3 inch x 1 inch and are individually packaged.

Cord necklace is 18 inches long with a 1 1/2 inch extender. JewelryBund is always dedicated to serve our wholesale jewelry buyers with the maximum satisfaction. Get 12 silver plated guardian angel tac pins on retail card as shown for one blow out price! © 2008-2020 JewelryBund.com.

Pins measure 2 CM high by 1 CM wide.

Jewelry wholesaler with a huge assortment of earrings, necklaces, brooch pins, bracelets, rings, scarves, leggings and more. In this 12 piece assortment of children's and kids jewelry you will receive exactly one of each item pictured. Dear xxx ,Your Order#NG1019007 is still not paid yet , Continue pay >>, Powered by nopCommerce Copyright © 2019 All Right Reserved By Asbeny, 925 Sterling Silver Big Solitaire Rings 3AS050474R, 925 Sterling Silver Daily Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS050459E, 925 Sterling Silver Daily Solitaire Rings 3AS050471R, 925 Sterling Silver Medium Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS048011S, Big Daily Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS050464S, Big Vintage Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS050458E, Cubic Zirconia Small Pendant Necklaces 3AS042470N, Daily 925 Sterling Silver 3 Pieces Jewelry Sets 3AS042469S, Daily 925 Sterling Silver Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS048009E, Daily 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces 3AS048005N, Daily 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 3AS050470E, Daily Female Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS050457S, Daily Medium Pendant Necklaces 3AS048006N, Daily Nature Pearl Pendant Necklaces 3AS050453N, Daily Nature Pearl Solitaire Rings 3AS050461R, Daily Vintage Style Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS048003E, Female 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets 3AS042472S, Female 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklaces 3AS042444N, Female Nature Sugilite Chandelier Earrings 3AS042448E, Female Vintage Solitaire Rings 3AS050462R, Medium 925 Sterling Silver 3 Pieces Jewelry Sets 3AS048008S, Medium Nature Topaz Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS050450E, Nature Amethyst Medium Drop & Dangle Earrings 3AS050466E, Nature Garnet 925 Sterling Silver 3 Pieces Jewelry Sets 3AS042446S, Nature Garnet Daily Chandelier Earrings 3AS042443E, Nature Mabe Pearl Medium Fashion Rings 3AS048007R, Nature Pearl Vintage Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS050465S, Nature Topaz Daily Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS050452S, Nature Topaz Small Stud Earrings 3AS042466E, Oval Vintage Style Adjustable Rings 3AS042471R, Sea Blue Big Pendant Necklaces 3AS050456N, Sea Blue Small Adjustable Rings 3AS042468R, Small 925 Sterling Silver Link & Chain Bracelets 3AS050469B, Small Nature Emerald Necklace And Earring Sets 3AS050472S, Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings 3AS050454E.


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