will hero best weapon

The Hero Weapons (a sword, a hammer, a pistol, and a rifle) are the base weapons your Fable III Hero is given during the early quest A New Hero. Unlocked: Combat Level 5 chests in the tenth section of the Road to Rule. Kill 50 wolves.

I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions online - some saying 2h axe because of +5% damage (NOT final damage), some saying 1h sword + shield because you recharge combo orbs faster, and still others saying you should have separate weapons for mobbing and bossing.

There are five stages of evolution and all are permanent; with the exception of the colour of the runes which will still change with any shift in the Hero's morality. The magazine capacity is the number of shots a ranged weapon can deliver before reloading is necessary. Gift 1000 gold to other Heroes via Xbox LIVE or Co-op.

), Hate (Your aggressive attitude to other people is mirrored in your weapon's evil design. Therefore the first half of the answer is Axes, but whether 1H or 2H depends on the server type (Reboot or Normal) and the best scrolling possible to compensate (or surpass) for the lesser wep type multiplicative since 2H Axes can hit speed cap 0 too. This morph gives ranged rifles a shotgun spray. If you can benefit from the potential, they're very worth it, especially considering how fast Hero hits to get around the 50 heal cap. You should still be dodging when using those weapons, though, especially on hero.

is objectively the best. NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. probably a claw, very good cool weapon. Greenish-blue crystal; hammerhead looks like there is still stone on it. Unlocked: Combat Level 1 chests in the second section of the Road to Rule. This is why there are no balverine-themed hilts, for example. If the morph you desire does not appear within a few attempts, leave the Road and perform more actions leading up to that morph in order to increase your chances. (Secondary colour: steel), Consume 10 health potions. Unlike the hilts, colours, and auras, each body morph group can be only attributed to some of the weapons.

If you wanted a real answer, most heroes in reboot use 2h axe, 5% dmg is better than nothing also axes look cooler. But when it comes to bossing and with the lack of other damage upgrades (scrolling, bpot, etc) you'll have a pretty generic answer of 2H being superior for that. I did a dummy test with my hero using both clean fafnir weapons 1h and 2h.

A wooden grip with gold-leaf engravings and an aqua-coloured jewel in it. For all weapons except hammers, auras take the color of blood when wielding the weapon, but hammers produce a black coloured aura black instead. Thanks in advance! But besides that I haven't found anything contradictory whatsoever in the guide.

Gix and BQ weapon is very close to each other in damage and people say that Gix sucks, so why should I get the BQ weapons? Additional alterations can occur by utilising all the additional gauntlets, killing a certain number of hollow men, bandits, wolves or other specific enemies. Left to them by the Last Hero, they each change in visual appearance as you open Combat Chests on the Road to Rule, whether or not they are equipped, and the player can rename them at will, as many times as they like. Grey runes if your morality is neutral. This is a thread question about objectiveness, not personal opinion. Total treasure value of 1,000. Unfortunately, despite their unique nature, and the importance the story puts on them, they are the weakest weapons in the game – every other weapon which you can find or buy is a superior "legendary" weapon. I am in late game 90 plus level all my team and I am fighting late game bosses. (Secondary colour: silver). ), Treasure Hunting (Your treasure-hunting abilities have transformed the design of your weapon.). is objectively the best. Open chests, locate dig and dive spots. Does this change with the new v3 patch or current flame patch? So since I wasn't convinced I went for the experimental way. I had the same dilemma about 2h vs 1h. Also the rationale for the 1h route, was that it requires less effort to break speed cap. After fulfilling your requirements, start the game with your co-op character. Gift 5 presents to other Heroes via Xbox LIVE or Co-op. For example, it would be unwise to amass a large quantity of gold or own property if you are attempting to obtain an Organic blade. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Co-op(Hero Duo) Mode Best Weapon Tier List; Weapon: Description: Good to Go: Gale Force: Gale Force is a crossbow infused with the power of the wind, shooting out charged arrows. Pale blue runes if your morality is good. ), Flourishes (Your feats in combat have caused your weapon to become more exotic. (Secondary colour: purple), Earn 500 guild seals. ), Spending Money (Your weapon has reacted to your use of gold by becoming more intricately designed. Available after unlocking the tenth section of the Road to Rule.

The same person is suggesting a 12% damage increase in certain stages of Buster Quests, so this weapon's really for use exclusively in Buster Quests. Press J to jump to the feed. ), Friends (Your ability to make friends is reflected in your weapon's design. WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers! It is highly recommended that if you are attempting to design a particular flavour of weapon that you focus on progressing the story and performing the required activity specifically and avoid optional activities. I have noticed tons of Heroes running Chainsawds and Guld Millas. It has a high base ATK and 8% unconditional damage bonus is solid. If a 28k+ STR hero could do the same that would seal the deal. Black steel with a gold Reaver Industries emblem; firearms have a scope added. Their base value is sure higher but I think both Anthesis Trainer and Blessing of Life offer better multiplier (double affix and 14% damage for the first, 12% damage plus a 2% shifta bonus for the second). I personally have right now: Hero:Swords Erik:Swords Veronica:Heavy Wand Serena:Spear Sylvando:Whip Rab:Claws Jade:Spear Hendrick:Axe https://dexless.com/guides/hero-reference.34/#1or2hand. Perform 10 nasty expressions to villagers.

But at least for a midgame hero, 2h came on top. Losing that 60% boost and not getting off the absurdly strong counters (which also give a lot of gear) is just stupid. Your moral standing amongst the citizens of Albion will also cause your weapons to change from whether you are good (pale blue runes) or evil (red runes).

When you open a weapon level chest, your weapon will morph and change based upon a percentage value from your prior actions.

We're including the base game and the DLC expansion. I'm pretty sure for starter is still better, but endgame could change. I heard having two blades being a cool thing, look at jack the ripper loli, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Zeinesis is still stronger for non-Buster Quests but Cleasis weapons are king for BBQs.


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